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Thompson Electronics Company - Audio, Video, Security, Fire Alarm, Sound, Security, Surveillance, CCTV, Access Control

Thompson Electronics Company designs, installs and services electronic systems for audio, video presentation, communications, security and video surveillance, and fire alarm.

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A wide selection of high quality electronic equipment, music systems, usb turntables, digital radios, digital cameras, digital video cameras and more. Experience secure and high quality online shopping at MirrorReaderOffers.co.uk.

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    New Products
    DV-1280 Video<br>Camcorder/Spy PenMini 2.4GHz Digital Wireless<br>Color Camera w/AudioiPod Dock Spy Cam<br>w/Built in DVRSecureShot Iphone 5<br>Clock Radio/Docking StationHigh Def Sport Sunglasses<br>Spy Camera/DVR
    High-Res Smoke Detector<br>w/ Cont Recording & Motion ActivationConan GPS Tracker<br>No Fee GPSWorld's Smallest HD Spy Cam/DVRSoda Bottle<br>Spy Cam/DVROutdoor Electrical Outlet<br>Spy Cam DVR w/Timer
    SecureShot Cube<br>Style Ihome Clock RadioSecureShot Battery<br>Powered Smoke DetectorSecureGuard Small iPod Dock Spy CameraWall Outlet Adapter<br>Spy Camera/DVR
    Secure IP Digital<br>Wireless Clock RadioNightVision Electrical<br>Box Hidden CameraMini GPS<br>Tracking DeviceHD Live View Smoke<br>Detector Spy Camera/DVR
    Top Featured Products
    SecureShot Battery<br>Powered Smoke DetectorSecureShot Body Heat Motion Activated, Battery Powered Imitation Smoke Detector. 1 Year Standby Power w/20 Hours of Recording per Charge. Available in Low Light B&W or Hi-Res Color. Perfect for Catching that Overheated Spouse Cheater!
    World's Smallest HD Spy Cam/DVRThe DVRG200 is the World's Smallest High Definition Spy Cam/DVR with a Color TFT Screen. Measuring just under 2" x 2" and a Little over Half an Inch Thick, this Device can Easily be Concealed inside Almost Anything or Hidden Anywhere!
    SecureGuard Small iPod Dock Spy CameraTotally Covert SecureGuard Small iPod Dock Spy Camera, No Pinhole and No SD Card Exposed outside the unit!! Stealth recording is made easy with our new line of our Self-Recording Spy Cameras and Digital Video Recorders.
    Bush Baby HD Samsung DVD Player Spy CameraHiding within the Bush Baby 2 DVD Player is powerful camera with a wide viewing angle of 72 degrees. Great for use as a nanny cam or cheater catching device, it is highly unlikely someone would suspect a camera within this commonplace object.
    Mini Clock Cam HD<br>Spy Cam/DVRHigh Resolution Video. Records both Audio and 1920 x 1080 Color Video. This unit also has HDMi output with onscreen menu settings, giving you an easy way to configure your device. Choodr motion detection, audio only, and continuous recording settings.
    Mini GPS<br>Tracking DeviceThe MINI GPS TRACKER works based on an existing GSM /GPRS network and GPS satellites, this tracker is a small and powerful tracking device that is developed for personal positioning, pet monitoring, vehicle, security etc.
    SecureShot Iphone 5<br>Clock Radio/Docking StationMotion activated real time video is recorded on a tiny SD card, housed in a hidden compartment. This high quality dual alarm clock radio for iPad, iPhone and iPod. Perfect for All Covert Surveillance Applications!
    Soda Bottle<br>Spy Cam/DVROur Soda Botttle is just the Thing You Need if You're Looking for a Covert Camera on the Go. It Looks Exactly like any Other Bottle of Soda but it also Contains a Built in Camera.
    Wall Outlet Adapter<br>Spy Camera/DVRThis Wall Adapter is Perfect for Just about any Location. Its Built in Camera on the Side of the Case is Positioned so It Can Be Hidden Almost Imperceptably in Any Room Which Makes it Perfect for a Nanny Cam or Extra Home Security.
    HD Live View Smoke<br>Detector Spy Camera/DVRDown View or Side View Secure Shot HD Live View Smoke Detector Spy Camera/DVR has Been Professionally Re-Engineered with a Live-View Camera System. Available in Hi-Res Color, or Color/B&W with NightVision Invisible IR Illuminators. 8 Models Available.
    High Def Sport Sunglasses<br>Spy Camera/DVRWhen duty calls, though, these HD Sport Specs are ready to go to work and capture everything you see. Because this device uses MicroSD cards, you'll never need to work about running out of memory because you can replace them as needed.
    Outdoor Electrical Outlet<br>Spy Cam DVR w/TimerThe Outdoor Electrical Outlet Spy Cam DVR w/Timer is a Weatherproof Outdoor Electrical Outlet with Timer that's Perfect for Outdoor Surveillance for Your Home or Business.

    Top 10 Sellers
    1. Bat. Pwd. Power Outlet
    2. iRecovery: Apple iPhone
    3. Mini Clock HI-DEF w/DVR
    4. 4GB/25 Day Voice Rec.
    5. CD-PRO:Bug Detector
    6. Night Watch Spy Watch
    7. Hidden Camera Cord Cam
    8. HCPower+ AC Adapter Cam
    9. Mini Clock Travel: Spy Cam
    10. Mini Clock HD Spy Cam
    iHome Spy Cam/DVR
    Record Video and View on Smart Phone or PC

    ONLY Available From SpyGearCo.com
    Samsung BluRay Player
    HIDDEN Camera/DVR
    ONLY Available From SpyGearCo.com
    World's Most Advanced
    Smoke Detector
    HIDDEN Camera/DVR
    Available in 8 Models!
    High Definition Samsung
    DVD Player/DVR
    CLICK IMAGE to See Demo Video
    Smoke Detector
    SPY Camera/DVR
    1 Year Standby Battery
    iPhone 5 Dock: Perfect for
    Home or Business
    Outdoor Theft &
    Vandalism is Rampant!
    Top 3 Outdoor Cameras
    Click on Image to See More

    NightVision Electrical Box Hidden Camera/DVR
    Outdoor SecureShot NightVision Cedar Bird House Camera/DVR w/1 Yr. Battery
    Outdoor Rock Phantom Ray Hidden Camera
    Cheatin' Spouse?
    Corrupt Employee?
    Child Being Bullied?


    iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch
    Android Recovery
    SD Card Recovery
    USB Recovery

    Spy Recovery Pro
    Wireless Encrypted Digital Camera System
    Wireless Encrypted Digital Camera System
    See's Up to 200 Meters in Open Space - w/Video-Audio
    Customer Comments
    GLC Enterprises, Inc. has successfully installed the WiLife 6 Camera Pro System in Kazimierz Aleszczyk Machine Shop in Bensenville, IL.  Now Mr. Aleszczyk is able to clearly watch over his operation to make sure it is running smoothly and efficiently 24 hours a day!
    - Mr. Aleszczyk (President - Wright Technologies, Inc.) says... Thanks again!

    I received the Clorox Bleach Wet Wipes hidden camera and the P-10 mini portable DVD receiver/recorder. The quality is great on the Clorox cam!
    Thanks again, Dennis
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