X10 Home 9-Pc Home Automation Starter Kit

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ActiveHome Pro 9-Piece Home Automation Starter Kit

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With X10's ActiveHome Pro 9-Piece Home Automation Starter Kit, you get everything you need to turn lights on and off from anywhere in your home! Turn security lighting and sprinkler systems on and off when you choose! Dim lights - even if they couldn't dim before. Control your lights, appliances, home theater and more by remote, motion sensor or PC! Designed to keep the fun in an active lifestyle, the ActiveHome Pro Home Automation Starter Kit gives you security and convenience whether you're home or away!

With the ActiveHome Pro Home Starter Kit, you can:
  • Give a safe and warm welcome home every night!
  • Provide security while you're away with a realistic lived-in look!
  • Lower energy bills with schedules for lighting and appliances!
  • Create instant romance with the touch of a button!

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Order Now & Save $131! 


Everything You Need is Included:  
ActiveHome Pro Home Automation Computer Software with USB Computer Interface & USB Cable $99.99
Lamp Module $12.99
Screw-in Lamp Module $19.99
Keychain Remote $19.99
Appliance Module $13.99
Wireless Switch $19.99
PalmPad Remote $19.99
Motion Sensor $24.99
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November 2004 issue
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What Exactly Can You Do?

X10's ActiveHome Pro 9-Piece Home Automation Starter Kit allows you to quickly and easily transform your home into a high-tech wonderland. Access today automated convenience and save time and money with the added benefits of increased safety and comfort!

With X10's ActiveHome Pro Home Automation Starter, start your automation revolution by:

  • Never entering a dark house again! Automatically light up your home & property!
  • Making your home look occupied when you're away! Schedule lights to turn off and on at different times.
  • Impressing your friends and family! Dim and brighten lights at the touch of a button.

ONLY $99.99!!

Easy to Use!
Simply plug
the lamp and appliance modules into lights and appliances. Then, using a screwdriver, you set the dials on the modules so that each has its own alphanumeric code such as A1. Then, the PC interface connects to your computer via a USB cable and sends stop and start instructions to your modules through your home's wiring. The PC interface also has an antenna so that it can catch radio frequency commands from the universal and keychain remotes.

With the ActiveHome Pro Software, you create different "rooms" to represent the rooms in your house and then establish links to the modules in each. Once the system is set up, you can turn all the lights in a room on or off at once, design if/then routines (known as conditional macros), and schedule repeated events. If you use the built in Lifestyle Mode, the software will automatically record when you turn lights on or off using a controller during a typical 24 hour day. Just download your instructions into the computer interface and turn off your machine. Your timers and routines will operate automatically year round!

Starter Kit Features
ActiveHome Pro ActiveHome Pro Software
Just set and forget.
With the ActiveHome Pro Software, you can use your computer to quickly and easily organize your home control, with flexible timers and custom macros that run a series of commands with the touch of one button. With the amazing software interface anyone who can point and click will look like a home automation genius! ActiveHome Pro looks like other Windows XP software and works with Drag-And-Drop simplicity!


ActiveHome Pro

USB Computer Interface
The ActiveHome Pro USB Computer Interface with built-in RF whole house transceiver can send and receive all 256 house/unit codes and can even control X10 cameras. This replaces the need for each house code to have a separate transceiver. The USB computer interface also contains loads of memory for storing timers and macros and connects easily to today's PC with its USB interface. It's like the Swiss army knife of home automation with an RF receiver, RF transmitter, internal clock, battery backup, support for future software modules and more. 
ActiveHome Pro Dimmable Lamp Module
Take this amazing Lamp Module and simply plug it into your favorite lamp to bring it under ActiveHome Pro control. You'll even be able to dim lamps that didn't dim before. Now you can set the best lighting level for any lamp or light in your house. It's ideal for controlling bedroom, living room, and family room lamps. The Lamp Module works with incandescent lights and lamps (i.e. with a regular light bulb, not halogen or fluorescent). Plug the lamp into the Lamp Module, and plug the Lamp Module into any normal wall socket - itís that easy!
ActiveHome Pro Screw-In Lamp Module
This Socket Rocket Screw-in Lamp Module makes it easy to add light where it's needed giving you better camera image quality and detail.
Weather resistant design is ideal for outdoor floodlights, recessed lighting as well as any standard screw-in bulb in your home.
ActiveHome Pro Keychain Remote
Put some magic in your pocket and gain control over lights and appliances anywhere you are!  This Keychain Remote is ideal for turning on lights while sitting in your car or standing on your front porch. Includes dimming buttons. About the same size as a car-alarm remote control, but much more useful. With it, you can turn on the yard lights without fumbling for a switch. The Keychain Remote works great when used with ActiveHome Pro's Macro Designer to create a "welcome home" macro. Use the buttons to assign a series of events to happen with a single button. You can easily turn on porch, driveway and entry lights with one press of a button.
ActiveHome Pro Appliance Modules (3-Pin)
With the 3-pin Appliance Module, you can control all sorts of things like coffee pots, stereos, air-conditioners, fluorescent lights, air purifiers and more!
ActiveHome Pro Slimline Wireless Wall Switch
You'll love this wall switch. No new wires. No holes in the wall. Place it anywhere from on a desk drawer to a bed's headboard. You decide where you want more control and stick it there! You can even customize the labels on each button. Ideal when used with ActiveHome Pro's Macro Designer. When you want to watch a movie press one button to dim the lights, or press another to bring all lights up to full for entertaining. Use ActiveHome Pro and this Wireless Wall Switch for creating pre-set moods in a room.
ActiveHome Pro PalmPad Remote Control
With the Palm Pad Remote, you'll get easy one-touch control of your X10 lamps, appliances and what ever lighting scenes or macros you've set up with ActiveHome Pro.
Keep it in the kitchen, family room or on your bedside table. The remote even has a place to write down what each button controls so you don't have to remember individual codes. Each one will control up to sixteen X10 devices and can be set to any house code. You'll love this remote!
ActiveHome Pro EagleEye Motion Sensor
This tiny EagleEye Motion Sensor will always look after your safety and security. Put one in the closet to turn on the light as soon as the door is opened and another one outside set to turn on walkway and porch lights as visitors arrive. Weather resistant for outdoor use.

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