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We have been offering the best Self Defense, and Surveillance products for over 12 years now, and we want to ensure everyone has a way of keeping themselves and their families safe from predators and businesses safe from theft and vandalism.

(No One Makes These But Us, Not Even Brickhouse Security!)


Live Encrypted 720P High Definition Video is Transmitted to Your Wireless Router Enabling Live Streaming on Demand from Any Authorized PC, IPhone, IPad or Android Device.
NO PC is Required to Be Located Near the Camera to View
Remotely and Record Video!

Automatic Connection to Your Wireless Router is Simple and Quick, NO PC Expert is Required, Just Set It & Forget It! Video is Recorded on a Hidden SD Card Contained Within the Hidden Camera that is Concealed By a Secret Trap Door For Complete Covert Surveillance.

Night Vision Models Sees and Records Video in TOTAL DARKNESS. Featuring 720 LOR Color w/B&W Switching for Nightvision, 93° FOV Lens
Our Most Popular Models are Shown Below

FOR iPhone 4, 5 & 6

Secure Shot HD Live View Air Freshener Spy Camera/DVR
Plug-In Air Freshener

Exit Sign

Secure Shot HD Live View Smoke Detector Spy Camera/DVR
Smoke Detector
(Down View or Side View)

Secure Shot HD Live View Samsung BD E5300 BluRay Player Spy Camera/DVR
Samsung 3D
BluRay Player

SecureShot HD-Live View-High Definition Utility Box SD DVR
Indoor/Outdoor Utility Box
w/24 Hour Rechargeable
Li-Ion Battery Pack

Our Live-View Cameras shown above are the MOST Advanced Hidden Cameras on the Market Today.  Our SecureShot HD-Live View's are Self-Contained Record & Remote View Cameras that have 24 Major Features that Other Companies Simply Can't Match. These Hidden Cameras are the #1 Choice for Home and Professional Surveillance. Click Here to See All the Features.


Introducing the Smallest Full Function Hidden Cameras with Built in DVR and our exclusive 'Phantom Ray' Night vision Technology. A custom built array of totally invisible high power IR illuminators
'light up' an entire room

Sees and Records Video in TOTAL DARKNESS OVER 20 FEET. Featuring 720 LOR B&W Super Hi Res Sony Exview Camera.
Last 2 Are Best Selling, Long Lasting, Weatherproof Cameras Designed Specifically For Outdoor Surveillance

Phanthom Ray MD Clock Radio Hidden Camera BW Hi-Res

SecureShot Air Purifier Spy Cam/DVR w/NightVisionTOP SELLER!
Click Image to View DEMO Video


NightVision Electrical Box Hidden Camera/DVR

Outdoor Rock Phantom Ray Hidden Camera

Below are our Top Selling Complete Systems. The included DVR has full networking capability and uses an embedded DVR which allows you to view Live Internet Video. Easy to install, but our Techs are standing by, ready to help if you need assistance.

Please Note: These are NOT the cheap systems you buy at
Sams Club or from China that will Not Give You the Details You Want!
All Systems Below Includes a 2 Year Warranty!

4 channel surveillance system Four Channel Wireless Digital Video Recording Complete System allows you to install up to 4 wireless cameras to digitally record all activity. There is NO Interference.  The wireless cameras are on their own frequency and you get a strong signal which gives you amazing video. This 8 Channel Wireless DVR Complete System allows you to install up to 8 cameras

(4 wired and 4 wireless cameras) to digitally record all activity.

16 Channel Wireless DVR Complete Surveillance System
Allows you to install up to 16 cameras (12 wired and 4 wireless cameras) to digitally record all activity.
Perfect for Private Investigators, Building Contractors, Security Companies. This Multi-channel Portable DVR is a stand alone system built in a heavy duty Pelican case.
BEST SELLER! Secure Shot HD Live View Samsung BluRay Player Hidden Camera/DVR

Our Samsung 3D Blu Ray Player is the latest in covert surveillance technology. No Other Company in the World Can Figure Out How to Put this Much HI-REF Remote Technology Into This Small Space But GLC Enterprises!

Absolutely AMAZING Live Encrypted 720P High Definition Video Quality. Watch your kids, business or your cheating spouse from your Smart Phone while being recorded on a SD card that is hidden by a secret trap door. No computer needed to record.  Very Easy Setup.

CLICK HERE for details.

Night Vision Electrical Box Hidden Camera/DVRHOT SELLER!
Night Vision Electrical Box Hidden Camera/DVR with 3 Year Standby & Record 60 Hours on a Single Charge!

The Night Vision Electrical Box Hidden Camera/DVR is perfect for any outdoor location. Pools, Carports, Garages, Gardens, Car Lots, Entrance Ways at Fences, Driveways, Construction Sites (most common), Vacation Homes, and many other locations.

PIR (body heat) motion activation virtually eliminates false triggers. Only 7 1/2 x 5 x 2 1/4 inches in size!


CLICK HERE for details.

NEW! This Wireless Encrypted Digital Camera System Features Digital Technology and Boosted Range Makes a Perfect Nanny Camera or  Home/Business Surveillance.

The improved camera features a 1/4" CMOS image sensor as well as a long transmission range of up to 200 meters in open space. Effortless to use. Setting up the camera could not be any more painless. Simply connect the included AC adapter to the camera, then attach the wireless receiver to the VCR, television, or monitor.

CLICK HERE for details.

SecureGuard Power Inverter Car Spy CameraHOT...HOT!
Car Spy Cam

With this spy camera hidden inside a car power inverter, you can record everything that happens in your car. This new spy camera is definitely one-of-a-kind! Only we have it.

This is a favorite with law enforcement because it small, covert and has great resolution.

Just plug the whole unit into any cigar lighter port and it starts recording right away. You can adjust the power inverter up and down to change camera angle.
Records Video & Audio!

CLICK HERE for details.

JUST IN! Low-Cost Alarm Clock With Built in DVR & Wi-Fi w/Nightvision!

Alarm Clock with built in DVR and Wi-Fi is a portable talking alarm clock has 6 different alarm sounds, and snooze function with intervals of 1-60 minutes.

It has a digital display which shows the current time, year, month, and date. It's SO...Covert and perfect for catching your cheating spouse or abusing nanny!

It comes with a suction cup holder stand or can be put right on a table. The Alarm clock recording resolution is (1280x720) at 30fps and will record to the internal DVR which has motion detection. It has a 140 degree viewing angle to allow the widest video footage of most hidden camera.

It also has 10 IR LED's that give you about 20 feet range of night vision. It has a very easy to set up Wi-Fi function. Video though WiFi is transmitted directly to a smart phone or smart device.

CLICK HERE for details.

SecureShot Smoke Detector Covert Camera/DVR with Infrared Illumination (IR)No More Power Cords Required!

This totally portable SecureShot "Smoke Detector" camera can quickly be placed in any location without the worry of AC outlets or extension cords.!

FULL RESOLUTION D1 (720 x480 @30FPS) and Invisible Night Vision 940nm IR Illuminators.

SecureShot body heat motion activated, battery powered imitation smoke detector.

Featuring 1 year standby power and over 20 hours of recording per charge Available in "down view" or "side view", low light B&W, hi- res color, or color/B&W with night vision invisible IR illuminators. Great for mounting on wall or ceiling. Removable Li-ion battery for easy charging.


CLICK HERE for details.

Midland Weather Alert AM/FM Clock Radio Hidden CameraTOTALLY COVERT & EASY TO PLACE! We Are the Only Company in the World that Makes These!

World's Most Advanced ALL-IN-ONE Hidden Camera/DVR...

Introducing the SecureShot "PhantomRay" all-in-one self recording DVR Midland Weather Alert AM/FM Clock Radio that renders all others obsolete. - The only cube style clock radio that records high quality 1080p HI-DEF 30fps Video 30 ft. in TOTAL DARKNESS! State-of-the-art high power invisible 120 degree micro IR illuminators, coupled with our exclusive dual camera auto switching technology insure unbelievable video regardless of lighting conditions.

Weather Alert AM/FM Synthesized Tuner Radio that provides the most accurate drift-free tuning with a built in weather band alert.

It's perfect for instant placement in a room for catching Nursing Home or Nanny Abuse or any room where you need proof of wrong doing.  Switch able 110v-220v power supply.


CLICK HERE for details.

Full HD Wifi AC Adapter CameraNEW WiFi Camera Plun-In!
TOTALLY COVERT Full HD Wifi AC Adapter Camera

This Spy Camera/DVR is Perfect for any Room in a Home or Business.

Not only does the camera have full HD video capture and remote viewing via smartphone, this AC Adapter allows you to easily check in at any time. The Wifi functionality allows you to view the live video anytime and anywhere.

With a MicroSD card installed, you can easily record without the need for an always-on computer connection. It's easy to view the recorded footage using your computer, iOS, or Android device. The cloud functionality means there is no complicated router configuration to get you up and running for remote viewing.

State-Of-The-Art Hi-Resolution...Streaming Video Resolution: 1920 x 1080 @ (up to) 25fps, Recording Video Resolution: 1280 x 720 @ (up to) 25fps


CLICK HERE for details.

Being able to see and hear what's going on in your home or business is the basic cornerstone of our business philosophy.

With recent events like 9/11 and the London bombings fueling terrorism fears nationwide, we're seeing an increased interest in security and surveillance products. Video surveillance cameras are a huge part of that trend.

According to a new report from market research firm IMS Research, the global video surveillance market is expected to grow from $12.6 billion in 2012 to $23.2 billion in 2017. That's a more than 80 percent increase in the next five years - and a sure sign of even more growth to come.

IMS is also forecasting network video equipment to account for 57 percent of the $23-billion global surveillance market by 2017. As more end users move from analog to IP and demand greater capabilities like remote access and video analytics, this figure will only continue to grow.

Trusting employees, your nanny, your spouse or your children is becoming a thing of the past but in some cases you get lucky and find people you can trust.

With Rising Thefts, Global Terrorism and Child Abuse Due To Ongoing Economic Pressures, Keeping an Eye on Your Home or Business in Today's Economy Has Become the "NORM"!

Whatever your reason for wanting the ability to keep an eye on your home or business, our equipment is simple to use and install. If you should have any trouble, we will walk you through the process over the phone.

You and you alone are responsible for protecting yourself, so make sure you're prepared.

If you aren't sure what camera would best fit your particular needs, we can help you with that too. Sometimes, it's easier for you to email us with your situation and we will give you our opinion of the best solution.  

Our hidden cameras, nanny cams, spy and surveillance equipment are the most advanced "State-of-the-Art" products on the market today. Let us know if you have any questions.

Our cameras and full systems are the most sought after Spy and Surveillance products on the market today. We leave our competition in the dust because MANY of our hidden cameras are manufactured in our warehouse.

New Products
Conan GPS Tracker<br>No Fee GPSSecureGuard Elite Alarm<br>Clock Radio IP Spy Camera Full Hi-Def 1080p<br>Miini Spy ClockSecureShot Clock Radio<br>HD 1080p Spy Cam/DVR
NightVision Electrical<br>Box Hidden CameraOil Painting Picture Frame<br>w/Built in DVR & Wi-FiFull HD 1080p Mini Spy<br>Clock w/Night Vision
SecureShot Iphone 5<br>Clock Radio/Docking StationAlarm Clock w/Built In<br>DVR and WiFiFunctioning Bluetooth Clock<br>Spy Cam/DVR
SecureShot Air Purifier<br>Spy Cam/DVR w/NightVisionSecureShot Live-View<br>BluRay PlayerWifi AC Adapter<br>Spy Cam/DVR
Top Featured Products
SecureShot Battery<br>Powered Smoke DetectorSecureShot Body Heat Motion Activated, Battery Powered Imitation Smoke Detector. 1 Year Standby Power w/20 Hours of Recording per Charge. Available in Low Light B&W or Hi-Res Color. Perfect for Catching that Overheated Spouse Cheater!
SecureShot Iphone 5<br>Clock Radio/Docking StationMotion activated real time video is recorded on a tiny SD card, housed in a hidden compartment. This high quality dual alarm clock radio for iPad, iPhone and iPod. Perfect for All Covert Surveillance Applications!
HD Live View Smoke<br>Detector Spy Camera/DVRDown View or Side View Secure Shot HD Live View Smoke Detector Spy Camera/DVR has Been Professionally Re-Engineered with a Live-View Camera System. Available in Hi-Res Color, or Color/B&W with NightVision Invisible IR Illuminators. 8 Models Available.
SecureShot Air Purifier<br>Spy Cam/DVR w/NightVisionSecureShot Air Purifier Spy Cam/DVR w/NightVision is a TOTALLY Portable Covert Plug-In Air Purifier. Great Color Video by Day, and Great B&W Video at Night EVEN IN TOTAL DARKNESS, With Invisible "NO Glow " IR Illuminators. Click on Image for Demo Video.
SecureGuard Elite Alarm<br>Clock Radio IP Spy Camera SecureGuard Elite Alarm Clock Radio Spy Camera also has many feature not found on even the newest spy cameras including, 2-Way Talk, Cloud Networking, Covert Access Point, WiFi and Remotely programming.
Alarm Clock w/Built In<br>DVR and WiFiAlarm Clock with built in DVR and Wi-Fi is a Portable Talking Alarm Clock has 6 Different Alarm Sounds, and Snooze Function with Intervals of 1-60 minutes. It also has 10 IR LED's that Give You About 20 Feet Range of Night Vision!
SecureShot Live-View<br>BluRay PlayerWatch Your Kids, Business or Your Cheating Spouse from Your Smart Phone While Being Recorded on an SD card. The Secure Shot HD Live View 3D Blu-Ray Player Spy Camera/DVR is Available in Hi-Res Color or NightVision Invisible IR Models.
Full Hi-Def 1080p<br>Miini Spy ClockOur Full High-Def 1080p WiFi Miniclock Camera is a New Miniclock Camera With Full High Resolution HD Video Capture and Remote Viewing via Smartphone, Allows you to Easily Check in at Any Time with No Complicated Router Configuration.
Full HD 1080p Mini Spy<br>Clock w/Night VisionOur Full High-Def 1080p Mini Clock Spy Camera w/Night Vision Has Crystal-Clear Video w/Night Vision Capabilities. It's Powered by Battery or AC & has Build-in Audio. Our Clock Will Record Everything you Need, from Cheaping Spouse to Nursing Home Abuse.
Functioning Bluetooth Clock<br>Spy Cam/DVRThis Bluetooth Clock Hidden Camera/DVR is Powerful Camera with a Wide 72 Degree Viewing Angle. It's a Great Nanny or Cheater Camera and Has All Bluetooth, Music Playback Functionality. Even if Handled by Someone Curious, the Electronics are Sealed Inside.
Wifi AC Adapter<br>Spy Cam/DVROur Full High-Def 1080p WiFi AC Adaptor Has Full High Resolution HD Video Capture and Remote Viewing via Smartphone, Allows you to Easily Check in at Anytime or Anywhere And it Also Records To A Micro Sd Card.
SecureShot Clock Radio<br>HD 1080p Spy Cam/DVRSecureShot Midland VERY SMALL Low Profile AM/FM clock Radio with Weather Band Alert. Only 6" Wide, 2.4" High and 4.2" Deep!. This Full 1080p High Definition Camera Has Great Color Video by Day, and Great B&W Video at Night EVEN IN TOTAL DARKNESS!

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