WiLife Pro Camera Surveillance System


Here are the new features you will find in the new Platinum software that you can get with the New WiLife Pro Surveillance Camera System.

  • Connection Monitoring allows you to remotely supervise your system by receiving an email or cell phone message if your Command Center , PC, or cameras go offline. Now you can take action fast.
  • Online Video Sharing allow you to share select video clips with friends, family, employees and even local law enforcement. Simply upload the segment and list the email addresses for nearly instant distribution.
  • Remote Search and Playback allows you to go beyond live Internet viewing. Access your recorded video at anytime, anywhere. Use easy search tools to locate and view video by date, time, and site - with up to the minute availability.
  • Online Video Storage keeps your important video safe. Store protected video clips securely in your online account where you have the perfect tools to review, organize, and share.
  • Digital Pan-Tilt-Zoom allows you to scan and zoom within the current viewing area of your camera. Now you can focus in on the door, cash register, or other home and business targets from your WiLife Command Center.
  • Remote Camera Management allows you to control your cameras through WiLife Online where you can remotely adjust options such as resolution, motion sensitivity, and even arm/disarm alerts.
  • Connection Monitoring allows you to remotely supervise your system by receiving an email or cell phone message if your Command Center , PC, or cameras go offline. Now you can take action fast.
  • No Show Alerts allows you to intelligently monitor an area where you expect motion. If there is no motion, the system alerts you. Now you can be notified immediately whether the kids come home from school on time.
  • Password System Lock keeps the snooping eyes and tampering fingers of employees or kids off the entire Command Center or individual features while you are away. Lock access using your private system password.
  • Desktop Notifications lets WiLife notify you when there is motion on your cameras with a popup window on your PC. Notifications display a thumbnail image of the event and sound an alert tone of your choice.
  • Scheduled Alerts uses a simple calendar to schedule times to turn email and cell motion alerts on or off. For example, arm your system Monday through Friday at 10:00 PM and disarm at 6:00 AM.

IP Network Cameras

The WiLife Pro Video Security System is the world's first fully-integrated, turnkey, professional digital video security system.

 WiLife Pro seamlessly integrates WiLife-engineered components that include High-performance WiLife IP Cameras, feature-rich Windows-based Command Center software, and robust Internet remote access.

Using powered Ethernet and plug-and-play camera discovery, it also offers the world's easiest set-up and most intuitive interface.

Innovative user features include motion-based recording onto the computer's hard-drive with quick and easy search and playback. WiLife Pro also offers free anywhere, anytime remote access to your cameras from Windows PCs and cell phones as well as providing motion-based instant email and cell phone alerts.

How WiLife Pro compares the retail WiLife video security system.

The WiLife Pro Video Security System has all of the user advantages of the WiLife retail system including free remote viewing, motion alerts and easy search and playback of recorded video. The WiLife Pro system also has fully integrated IP cameras, PC software and remote viewing services.

WiLife Pro is different from the retail WiLife system in that it is designed for commercial applications and uses IP network communications; either new or existing CAT5 Ethernet cabling. Additionally, the system uses Powered Ethernet, which delivers the power for the cameras on the same Ethernet cable, from the WiLife Power Injector.

Benefits of WiLife Pro include use in large buildings and spaces, transmitting higher quality video images, and the ability to use Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) protection for the entire system.

Unlike the retail version of WiLife, WiLife Pro requires network know-how for installation and is only available for sale from authorized resellers. GLC Enterprises is the authorized reseller in the Chicago area.

How it Works

WiLife IP Cameras

WiLife Pro Cameras connect to your LAN through the WiLife Power Injector using standard Ethernet cable. On the Ethernet line, the camera both communicates and receives its power, making it easy to set up. Driving the camera is a 400Mhz processor, powering incredible features:

  • DHCP and fixed IP addressing
  • Automatic discovery using UPnP
  • User-definable motion detection
  • WiLife powered ethernet
  • Intelligent image management
  • Field upgradable

WiLife Command Center

The WiLife Pro Command Center software installs on a standard Windows PC and turns it into the industry's most powerful video security command station. Using UPnP, it automatically discovers your cameras and begins recording motion based video to your PC's hard drive.

  • Monitor video from up to 6 cameras
  • Automatic motion-triggered recording
  • Easy e-mail and cell phone alerts
  • Intuitive search and playback controls
  • Fast video publishing and printing
  • Intelligent disk management


WiLife Online Services

WiLife Online Services are built-in to the WiLife Pro System. When installing the system, you create a password protected online account, which provides free access to video from your cameras. You can view this video from either an Internet browser or a Windows Mobile cell phone.

  • Multiple location management
  • Password protected access control
  • Single, multiple, and cycle viewing
  • Selectable video quality controls
  • Browser and cell phone access
  • High resolution color video


Graphical Overview of the Pro Surveillance System

WiLife Pro Product Guide

Complete Master Systems with WiLife Command Center Software

Single-Camera Master

Pro 1 Camera System
Expandable to 6 cameras

Four-Camera Master System

Pro 4 Camera System
Expandable to 6 cameras

Six-Camera Master System
Pro 6 Camera System
Complete 6 camera system

System Expansion and Accessories

WiLife Pro Indoor Camera 

Single Camera

Six-Port Injector with Software 

Injector and Software

Indoor Camera & Single-Port

Single Port Injector

WiLife Ethernet Powerline Bridge 

Homeplug Bridge

WiLife Night Vision Upgrade Kit

Night Vision Kit

Accessory Lenses


Requirements and Specifications

PC System Requirements

The WiLife Pro System is an IP networked system that requires a good understanding of networking devices, configuration, and addressing.


Number of Cameras







CPU Speed*

2.2 GHz

2.4 GHz

2.6 GHz

2.8 GHz

3.0 GHz

3.2 GHz

Memory (MB)







Video Card (MB)







Display Resolution

1024 x 768 or higher, 32 bit color

Hard Drive (MB)

150 MB for program and a minimum f 10 GB for video storage

Operating System

Microsoft Windows XP or Microsoft Vista

Media Player

Microsoft Windows Media Player version 9 or later

*Intel Pentium 4 CPU speed. Dual-core Intel and AMD processors deliver similar performance at lower clock speeds.

System Specifications

WiLife Pro Camera - WLPC-810i
Processing Power 400 MHz DSP
Onboard Image Encoding Windows? Media Video 9
Video Resolution Selectable: 640 X 480 or 320 X 240 pixels
Frame Rate Selectable:15, 10 or 5 frames/second
Illumination 2 lux minimum per IEC 61146-1
Color 10 bits
Operating Environment
Operating Temp. 32?F to 93?F (0?C to 34?C)
Maximum Length 300 feet (100 meters)
Power Consumption 15 Watts per camera
Camera Body Dimensions Height: 2.0 inch (50 mm); Width 4.72 inch (120 mm); Depth: 8 inch (200 mm)
Camera Weight 1.1 lb (500 g)

If You Have a Home or Business in the Chicago Area,
Call to Have Your System Installed Today!

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Customer Comments
GLC Enterprises, Inc. has successfully installed the WiLife 6 Camera Pro System in Kazimierz Aleszczyk Machine Shop in Bensenville, IL.  Now Mr. Aleszczyk is able to clearly watch over his operation to make sure it is running smoothly and efficiently 24 hours a day!
- Mr. Aleszczyk (President - Wright Technologies, Inc.) says... Thanks again!

I received the Clorox Bleach Wet Wipes hidden camera and the P-10 mini portable DVD receiver/recorder. The quality is great on the Clorox cam!
Thanks again, Dennis
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