Audio Recorders

DVVoiceHD : HD Video & Voice Recorder w/Wireless Charging
VR4GBPRO : Voice Recorder with Dual Mics and Bluetooth - DISCONTINUED
VRBluetooth : Bluetooth Voice Recorder with Bluetooth Capabilities - DISCONTINUED
MQ300 : MQ300 4GB 25 Day Standby Voice Recorder
KCLMAudio : KC LM Audio Keychain Recorder - DISCONTINUED
VR166 : VR166 Voice Recorder
MiniDV-Voice : MiniDV-Voice Audio Recorder Records Both Audio & Video
OMNILAUDIO : Cigarette Lighter Voice Recorder
VATEAR : Voice Activated Tear Drop Audio Recorder
VRF4GB : Forus Telephone Voice Recorder 4GB Memory
Voice4GBBlack : Black Telephone Conversation Recording Device 4GB
VRSLT : Long Duration Voice Recorder w/8GB Memory
VAHEART : Voice Activated Heart Pendant Audio Recorder
OmniKCAudio : Key Chain/FOB Voice Recorder
AR-300 : Lawmate Car Key Voice Recorder
VoiceRecorderUSB : Voice Recorder USB
VRSLTW : Long Duration Voice Recorder w/8GB Memory & Wireless Mic
VRWB4 : Fitness Tracker Voice Recorder
VRUSBHP : USB Audio Player Recorder
MQ350 : 8GB 25-Day Standby Voice Recorder
VRFitnessBand : Voice Recorder Fitness Band

Board Cameras

BD-127WC : High Resolution Color CMOS Camera with Audio

BODY Worn Cameras

HT-18 : Lawmate Spy Hat w/Micro DVR
Sun420 : Sunglasses DVR 420
HCBluetooth9000 : Bluetooth with Hidden Camera - DISCONTINUED
GLSun720 : High Definition Sunglasses Spy Camera - DISCONTINUED
BC420A : Wired Button Camera with Audio
BC420 : Button Hidden Camera - DISCONTINUED
GLHQClear : GL HQ High Definition Clear Glasses - DISCONTINUED
SUNLM480 : Glasses Hidden Camera - DISCONTINUED
GL720 : High Definition Spy Glasses - DISCONTINUED
B3000 : One Touch Button Camera
SG/HI : High Res Sunglasses Cam - DISCONTINUED
HT10NCK : Law Enforement Grade Baseball Hat Spy Camera Kit w/DVR - DISCONTINUED
HatCamCSU : Next Generation Hat Camera w/4 GB of Internal Memory - DISCONTINUED
HATCAM-NW : Plain Hat Camera Plain - DISCONTINUED
BTCLP : Bluetooth Clip DVRb Spy Camera
HCBluetooth : HC Bluetooth Covert Camera
HC-Smile : Smiley Spy Camera DVR
HC-MP3 : Hidden Camera MP3 Player - DISCONTINUED
LMBC13LX : Wired HD CMOS Button Camera With Audio - DISCONTINUED
BU-19 : Lawmate Wired Button CCD Spy Camera Kit
GLClear720 : High Definition Body Worn Glasses - DISCONTINUED
SunSportHD : High Definition Sport Sunglasses Spy Camera/DVR - DISCONTINUED
HCBluetoothHD : High Definition Bluetooth Hidden Camera
PRbodycam : Personal Body Worn Spy Camera
LM300 : Lawmate Full HD Pocket Spy Camera/DVR - DISCONTINUED
HCGL200 : Stylish Clear Lens Glasses Spy Cam/DVR - DISCONTINUED
LMBU20 : Wired HD CMOS Button Camera with Audio - DISCONTINUED
LMBCPendant : Lawmate Pendant Necklace with Hidden Camera - DISCONTINUED
HatCam : Hat Camera w/DVR - DISCONTINUED
GLSunFL : High Definition Sunglasses - DISCONTINUED
HatCamSD : Hidden Camera Hat w/Micro SD Memory - DISCONTINUED
HC-BELT-DVR : Hidden Leather Belt Camera w/Built in DVR - DISCONTINUED
HC-NKTIE-DVR : Necktie Hidden Spy Camera w/Built in DVR
HC-CROSS-DVR : Cross Hidden Spy Camera w/Built in DVR
HCSUN1080 : Mirror Tint Sunglasses 1080p Spy Camera/DVR
LMTie : Lawmate Tie Covert Camera - DISCONTINUED
BCDVERECON : Wired Button Camera/DVR Complete System - DISCONTINUED
GLClear720FF : High Definition Full Frame Spy Glasses
CAMSTICKSPORTHD : Action Sports Camstick Camera/DVR
PRBody2Cam : Dual Personal Body/Dash Camera
PFBCPRO : Police Force Tactical Body Camera Pro - DISCONTINUED
PV-400W-BU18 : Micro WiFi Digital Video Recorder w/Button Kit - DISCONTINUED
HCNewsboyHat : Hidden Camera Hat w/Micro SD Memory - DISCONTINUED
BCDVRAI1 : All-In-One Button Camera/DVR System
PV-WT10 : LawMate Smart Wrist Watch Covert Spy Camera/DVR
GLClear1080p : Clear High Definition Spy Glasses/DVR
PV-500W-BU18 : Lawmate Micro WiFi Digital Spy Camera/DVR w/Button Kit
BST1080pGlasses : 1080P Clear Lens Full Frame Spy Glasses
BSTDVR500FHDNV : 1080P Pocket Camera and DVR
DVMWatch2K : Covert Recording 2K Spy Watch/DVR
LMBU18 : Lawmate Wired Button Spy Camera
PFBCPHD : Police Force Tactical Body Camera Pro HD
PV-EG20CL : Lawmate Hi-Def Clear Spy Glasses/DVR
PV-EG20DL : Lawmate Hi-Def Sun Glasses Spy Camera/DVR
PV-500WP : Lawmate Hi-Def WiFi Spy Camera/DVR w/Button-Screw Kit
PV-500NEO-PRO-BUNDLE : LawMate PV-500 Neo Pro & BU18HD Neo Camera Bundle
HCHDTouchGlasses : High Def 1080p Finger Touch Spy Glasses

Bush Baby Nanny Cams

BBWiFiDog : Bush Baby Hi-Def Dog Spy Camera/DVR w/WiFi
BB2FarmThermo : Bush Baby Farm Thermometer Spy Camera/DVR - DISCONTINUED
BB2SpeckledWallFreshener : Wall Mount Speckled Air Freshener Hidden Cam/DVR - DISCONTINUED
BB2Outlet : Bush Baby 2 Hidden Wall Outlet Adapter Spy Camera/DVR - DISCONTINUED
BushBaby2PurpleTissueBox : Bush Baby 2 Purple Tissue Box Covert Camera/DVR - DISCONTINUED
BushBaby2SodaBottle : Bush Baby 2 Soda Bottle Spy Camera/DVR - DISCONTINUED
BushBabyModernDeskClock : Bush Baby Modern Desk Clock w/10hr or 30hr Battery - DISCONTINUED
BushBaby2BottledWater : Bush Baby Bottled Water Covert Camera/DVR
BushBaby2WhiteClock : Bush Baby White Clock Spy Camera Clock/DVR
BushBaby2CoffeePot : Bush Baby 2 Coffee Pot Spy Camera/DVR - DISCONTINUED
BB2monkey10 : Bush Baby 2 Monkey iPhone Case Spy Camera/DVR - DISCONTINUED
BB2Smoke10 : Bush Baby 2 Smoke Detector DVR with 10 hr battery
BushBabySmokeDetector30HourSpyCamera : Bush Baby 2 30 Hr Smoke Detector
BB2Clock30 : Bush Baby Clock Hidden Camera/DVR w/30 Hr Battery
BushBabyClockRadioSpyCamera : Bush Baby 2 Clock Radio Spy Camera
BushBabyDigitalPicFrameSpyCamera : Bush Baby 2 Digital Picture Frame Spy Camera is just the item you need if you're looking for a covert nanny cam - DISCONTINUED
BushBaby2AdultContemporaryArtTowerSpyCamera : Bush Baby Adult Contemporary Art Tower Spy Cam/DVR - DISCONTINUED
BushBaby2KCanvasSpyCamera : Bush Baby Kids Canvas Wall Art Spy Cam/DVD - DISCONTINUED
BushBaby2DVDPlayerSpyCamera : Bush Baby HD Samsung DVD Player Spy Camera - DISCONTINUED
BushBaby2WirelessRouterSpyCamera : Bush Baby Wifi Router Spy Camera/DVR - DISCONTINUED
BB2SmokeCone10 : Bush Baby 2 Cone Smoke Detector DVR w/10 Hr. Battery - DISCONTINUED
BB2SmokeDome10 : Dome Smoke Detector DVR with 10 Hr Battery - DISCONTINUED
BB2Phone : Bush Baby 2 Phone Spy Camera - DISCONTINUED
BB2RocketClock : Bush Baby 2 Rocket Clock Nanny Camera - DISCONTINUED
BB2Pod : Working Hi-Res iPod Dock with built in Spy Cam/DVR - DISCONTINUED
BB2ElectricalBox : Bush Baby 2: Electrical Box Spy Cam/DVR
BB2PicFrame30 : Spy Camera Picture Frame w/DVR - DISCONTINUED
BB2OdorEliminator : High Resolution AIR PURIFIER Hidden Camera - DISCONTINUED
BB2Tissue : High Resolution Tissue Box Spy Camera - DISCONTINUED
BB2DVDCover : Bush Baby DVD Cover Spy Camera - DISCONTINUED
BBSStakeTimer : Bush Baby Stealth Hi-Def Stake Timer Spy Camera/DVR
BushBaby2CannedAir : Bush Baby 2 Canned Air Spy Camera/DVD - DISCONTINUED
BB2WickerBasket : Bush Baby 2 Wicker Basket Spy Camera/DVD
BushBaby2CoffeeCupTravelMug : Bush Baby 2 Coffee Cup Travel Mug Spy Camera/DVD - DISCONTINUED
BB3DVDPlayer : Bush Baby3 Samsung Spy Camera/DVD Player - DISCONTINUED
BB2StakeTimer : Outdoor Electrical Outlet Spy Cam DVR w/Timer - DISCONTINUED
BB2DeluxePictureFrame : Bush Baby 2 Deluxe Picture Frame Spy Camera/DVD - DISCONTINUED
BB3Junctionbox : Bush Baby 3 Junction Box Outdoor Surveillance Camera
BushBaby3FAN : Bush Baby 3 Fan High-Def Spy Cam/DVR
BB3humidifier : Bush Baby 3 Humidifier Spy Camera/DVR - DISCONTINUED
BushBaby3WorkingiPodDock : Bush Baby 3 Working iPod Dock Spy Camera/DVR
BB2Gumbox30 : Bush Baby 2 Gum Box 30 Hour Spy Camera/DVR - DISCONTINUED
BB2BluetoothClock : Bush Baby 2 Bluetooth Clock Hidden Camera/DVR
BB3Smoke10 : Bush Baby 3 Smoke Detector 10 Hours
BushBaby2Dog : BUSH BABY 2 DOG
bbtvdvdplayer : BBTV DVD Player With Night Vision - DISCONTINUED
BB3BottleCam : Bush Baby 3 Water Bottle HD Hidden Camera - DISCONTINUED
BB3FreshenerStone : BB3 Table Mounted Air Freshener High-Def Hidden Spy Camera & DVR
BB2StoneWallFreshener : Bush Baby 2 Wall Mount Stone Air Freshener Spy Camera/DVR
BushBaby2Monkey : Bush Baby 2 Monkey iPhone Case Spy Camera/DVR - DISCONTINUED
BB3CoffeePot : Bush Baby 3 Coffee Pot Hidden Camera
BB3TISSUE : Bush Baby 3 Hi-Def Tissue Box Spy Camera/DVR - DISCONTINUED
BB2Dictionary : Dictionary Hidden Spy Camera/DVR
BB2BirdHouse : Bird House Spy Camera/DVR
BB2Smoke : Bush Baby 2 30 Hr Smoke Detector
BB4KWIFISOLARLED : Bush Baby 4K WiFi Solar LED Spy Camera/DVR
BB4KWIFIOUTLET : Bush Baby 4K WiFi Outlet Spy Camera/DVR
BB4KWiFiLamp : Bush Baby 4K WiFi Lamp Spy Camera/DVR
BBWIFI4KELECTRICALBOX : Bush Baby 4K WiFi Electrical Box Spy Camera/DVR
BB4KWiFiRouter : Bush Baby 4K WiFi Router Spy Camera/DVR
BB4KWIFIEXIT : Bush Baby 4K WiFi Exit Sign Spy Camera/DVR
BB4KWIFILIGHT : Bush Baby 4K WiFi Emergency Light Spy Camera/DVR
BB2WiFiRouter : Bush Baby Wifi Router Spy Camera/DVR
BBSDVDCover : Bush Baby Stealth Hi-Def DVD Cover Spy Camera/DVR
BBSOutlet : Bush Baby Stealth Hi-Def Outlet Spy Camera/DVR - FREE 16GB Micro SD Card
BBSRBDictionary : Bush Baby Stealth Hi-Def Dictionary Spy Camera/DVR - FREE 16GB Micro SD Card
BBSAirFreshener : Bush Baby Stealth Hi-Def Air Freshener Spy Camera/DVR - FREE 16GB Micro SD Card
BBSTissue : Bush Baby Stealth Hi-Def Tissue Box Spy Camera/DVR
BBSBottleCam : Bush Baby Stealth Hi-Def Water Bottle Spy Camera/DVR - FREE 16GB Micro SD Card
BBSBluetoothClock : Bush Baby Stealth Hi-Def Bluetooth Clock Spy Camera/DVR - FREE 16GB Micro SD Card
BBSRadarDetector : Bush Baby Stealth Hi-Def Radar Detector Spy Camera/DVR - FREE 16GB Micro SD Card
BushBabyStealthDog : Bush Baby Stealth Hi-Def Dog Spy Camera/DVR
BBSFAN : Bush Baby Stealth Hi-Def Fan Spy Camera/DVR - FREE 16GB Micro SD Card
BBSROUTER : Bush Baby Stealth Hi-Def Wireless Router Spy Camera/DVR
BBSElectricalBox : Bush Baby Stealth Hi-Def Electrical Box Spy Camera/DVR - FREE 16GB Micro SD Card
BBSCoffeePot : Bush Baby Stealth Hi-Def Coffee Pot Spy Camera/DVR - FREE 16GB Micro SD Card
BBSBirdhouse : Bush Baby Stealth Hi-Def Bird House Spy Camera/DVR - Free 16GB MicroSD Included
BBWiFi4KBluRayPlayer : Bush Baby 4K WiFi Blu Ray Player Spy Camera/DVR
BB4KWiFiAlarmClock : Bush Baby 4K WiFi Alarm Clock Spy Camera/DVR
BB4KWIFISMOKE : Bush Baby 4K WiFi Hard Wired Smoke Detector Spy Camera/DVR
BB4KWIFIRECEPTACLE : Bush Baby 4K WiFi Receptacle Spy Camera/DVR
BB4KWIFIWALLOUTLET : Bush Baby 4K WiFi Wall Outlet Spy Camera/DVR
BB4KWIFIFERN : Bush Baby 4K WiFi Fern Plant Spy Camera/DVR
BB4KWIFIDIY : Bush Baby 4K WiFi DIY Spy Camera/DVR

Camera Sticks

CAMSTICK-MA : Camstick Motion Activated
CAMSTICKNV : USB Camstick Spy Camera w/Night Vision
VCDVR1000 : Voice Activated Spy CamStick/DVR - DISCONTINUED
SlimlineMotion : Slimline Motion CamStick - DISCONTINUED
PV-RC300mini : PV-RC300 Mini Third Generation MiniCam
CamstickUSB : Camstick-USB - DISCONTINUED
CamStickUC10SD : USB Webcam Camstick Spy Camera/DVR - DISCONTINUED
CamStick1000MVA : Motion and Voice Activated Camstick - DISCONTINUED
LM300mini : Lawmate Miniture Pocket Spy Camera/DVR - DISCONTINUED
CamStickHD : High Definition Camstick - DISCONTINUED
CamStickq20 : Motion-Activated Camstick w/Nightvision & Xtra Bat. Life
DVRTS : Camstick SD w/Audio Activation
CamStickU7HD : Motion Activated High Definition Camstick
PV-RC300WiFi : Advanced Mini WiFi Video/Still Photo CamStick Spy Camera/DVR - DISCONTINUED
Camstick1080p : 1080p Camstick Spy Camera-DVR w/Rotating Camera Lens
PV-RC300FHD : Lawmate Stick Camera 1080 Spy Camera/DVR

Cell Phone Messenger Spy Cameras

MMSCLK : Wall Clock Cell Phone Messenger (MMS) Spy Camera
MMSEbox : Outdoor Electrical Box Cell Phone Messenger (MMS) Spy Camera - DISCONTINUED
MMSBAS : Burglar Alarm Speaker Cell Phone Messenger (MMS) Spy Camera
MMSFSL : Fire Strobe Light Cell Phone Messanger (MMS) Spy Camera - DISCONTINUED

Complete Systems

4CHWiredSystemWithMonitor : Digital Video Surveillance - 4 Channel Wired Recording System - DISCONTINUED
4CHWiredSystemWithoutMonitor : Digital Video Surveillance - 4 Channel Wired Recording System W/O Monitor - DISCONTINUED
CS-4-GC-M : 4 Ch Wireless 500 GB Digital Video Recording Complete System - DISCONTINUED
CS-4-GC : 4 Ch Wireless 500 GB Digital Video Recording Complete System W/O Monitor - DISCONTINUED
8CHWiredSystemWithMonitor : 8 Channel Wired DVR Complete System - DISCONTINUED
8CHWiredSystemWithoutMonitor : 8 Channel Wired DVR Complete System W/O Monitor - DISCONTINUED
8CHWirelessSystemWithMonitor : 8 Channel Wireless System - DISCONTINUED
8CHWirelessSystemWithoutMonitor : 8 Channel Wireless System W/O Monitor - DISCONTINUED
16CHWiredSystemWithMonitor : 16 Channel Hardwired System - DISCONTINUED
16CHWiredSystemWithoutMonitor : 16 Channel Hardwired System W/O Monitor - DISCONTINUED
16CHWirelessSystemWithMonitor : Digital Video Recorder - 16 Channel Wireless DVR Complete System - DISCONTINUED
16CHWirelessSystemWithoutMonitor : Digital Video Recorder - 16 Channel Wireless DVR Complete System - DISCONTINUED
CS-USB4CH : 4 Channel Wired USB DVR Complete System - DISCONTINUED
CS-USB4CH-GC : 4 Channel Wireless USB DVR Complete System - DISCONTINUED
PSS-8CH : 8 Channel Portable Digital Video Recording System - DISCONTINUED
HD4CHSYSTEM : IntelliSpy 4 Channel HD DVR System (Choose Cams/Cables)
HD8CHSYSTEM : IntelliSpy 8 Channel HD DVR System (Choose Cams/Cables)
HD16CHSYSTEM : IntelliSpy 16 Channel HD DVR System (Choose Cams/Cables)
HD4CHCOMPLETESYSTEM : High Definition 4 Channel Surveillance System
HD8CHCOMPLETESYSTEM : High Definition 8 Channel Surveillance System
HD16CHCOMPLETESYSTEM : High Definition 16 Channel Surveillance System
ZKITPRO-0808 : Zeus 8 Pro Camera & 8 CH All-in-One NVR Complete Surveillance Camera Kit
ZCPRO-0404 : Zeus 4 Pro Camera & 4 CH Standalone NVR Complete Survillance System
ZCPRO-0808 : Zeus 8 Pro Camera & 8 CH Standalone NVR Complete Survillance System
ZCS-0808 : Zeus 8 Camera & 8 CH Standalone NVR Complete Survillance System
ZCK-0402 : Zeus 2 Camera / 12 Inch All-in-One Monitor NVR Kit Complete Survillance System
ZCK-0404 : Zeus 4 Camera / 12 Inch All-in-One Monitor NVR Kit Complete Survillance System
ZCK-0808 : Zeus 8 Camera / 12 Inch All-in-One Monitor NVR Kit Complete Survillance System
CS-HD360-DVR : IntelliSpy 360 Degree Wireless HD Camera System - DISCONTINUED
REXT-02 : Zeus WiFi Ranger Extender
LPCC-04 : Zeus Battery Powered Low Power Consumption WiFi Door Camera
SNVR-4 : Zeus Standard 4 CH Standalone Surveillance NVR System
SNVR-8 : Zeus Standard 8 CH Standalone Surveillance NVR System
PSNVR-8 : Zeus Pro 8 CH Standalone NVR Surveillance System
12INVR-8 : Zeus Standard 8 CH Standalone Surveillance NVR System w/12 Inch Built-in Monitor
ZEUSB01 : Zeus Standard Floodlight Camera
ZEUSB02 : Zeus Pro Floodlight Camera
ZCS-0404 : Zeus 4 Camera & 4CH Standalone NVR Complete Survillance System
ZCS-0402 : Zeus 2 Camera & 4CH Standalone NVR Complete Survillance System
ZCPRO-0802 : Zeus 2 Pro Camera & 8CH Pro Standalone NVR Complete Survillance System
ZKITPRO-0404 : Zeus 4 Pro Camera & 4 CH All-in-One NVR Complete Surveillance Camera Kit
16N-2KIT : Zeus 2 Camera / 16 Inch All-in-One Monitor NVR Kit Complete Survillance System
16N-4KIT : Zeus 4 Camera / 16 Inch All-in-One Monitor NVR Kit Complete Survillance System
16N-8KIT : Zeus 8 Camera / 16 Inch All-in-One Monitor NVR Kit Complete Survillance System
ANC-B01 : Zeus 1080P Wireless IP Outdoor Bullet Camera
LBPU-1 : Zeus Light Bulb Power Unit

Counter Surveillance

CellScrambleru1000 : CellScrambler U1000 Voice Keeper - DISCONTINUED
CDcelldetector : Cell Phone Detector - DISCONTINUED
CDRFLD : Economy Bug Detector with RF and Lens Finder
CD550Pro : Professional Bug Detector with Voice Verification - DISCONTINUED
CD-Hunter : CD Hunter Camera Detector - DISCONTINUED
CD-PRO : CD-Pro is Our Most Powerful Professional Bug Detector - DISCONTINUED
LF/RF : LensFinder/RF Dual Mode Detector - SpyGearCo.com - DISCONTINUED
AVD-110D : Digital High End Frequency Counter Bug Detector
AVD-101 : Bug Detector with Strength Meter
CDLM10 : Lawmate Wireless and Wired Camera and RF Detector - DISCONTINUED
CPBugBlock : Cellphone Bug Blocker - DISCONTINUED
CDB200 : Compact Wireless Cellphone Bug Detector
CDCellDetectorPro : Professional Wide Area Cellphone Detector
CDGPS : Pro GPS Tracker Detector
AJ-40 : Next Generation High Tech Audio Jammer
BSTCellDetector : Cellular Signal Detector
CDLRC : Hidden Camera Detector w/Directional Finder
RD-10 : Lawmate RD10 Hidden Camera Bug Detector
CD2100 : Pro Bug Detector CD2100

Covert Spy Cameras

HCClock4GB : Wall Clock Hidden Camera 4GB - DISCONTINUED
HCMOUSE : Computer Mouse Hidden Camera 720p HD
DigitalPhotoFrame : 8 Inch Digital Picture Frame with Hidden Camera - DISCONTINUED
HCMotionSensorSD : Alarm Sensor Covert Camera - DISCONTINUED
HCLMCell900 : Lawmate Cellphone Hidden Camera w/HD Recording - DISCONTINUED
VASOCKET : Covert Travel Wallplate Spy Camera & DVR - DISCONTINUED
HCHookHD : Hidden Camera Hook DVR with Remote - DISCONTINUED
HCUSBAdapter : Hidden Camera USB Adapter
HCPainting : Landscape Wall Art Spy Camera/DVR - DISCONTINUED
HCTravelAdapter : HC Travel Adapter Hidden Camera AC Adapter - DISCONTINUED
HCPowerPlus : HCPower Plus Covert AC Adapter Camera - DISCONTINUED
HCicharge : Covert iPhone iPod iPad Charger Spy Cam/DVR - DISCONTINUED
HCTVREMOTEWhite16GB : Hidden Spy Camera/DVR TV Remote White 16GB - DISCONTINUED
HCdigitalthermo : HC Digital Thermometer Hidden Camera/DVR
HCHook : Hidden Camera Hook DVR - DISCONTINUED
HCSnakeSatchel : Hidden Camera Snake Skin Satchel Handbag
HCLMPhonecase : Lawmate Hi-Def Cellphone Hidden Camera Case - DISCONTINUED
HCPowerBankPro : USB Power Pro Bank Hidden Camera - DISCONTINUED
HCPowerplusHD : High Definition Lawmate Covert Power Plug Camera - DISCONTINUED
HCOutlet : Lawmate Hidden Camera Outlet - DISCONTINUED
OmniMCan : Monster Can Hidden Camera w/DVR - Free 16GB MicroSD Card Included
HCandroiddock : Android Phone Charger Spy Cam/DVR
LMWallSwitch : HI-DEF Lawmate Covert Wall Switch w/PIR - DISCONTINUED
HCSnakeSatchel-MG : Hidden Camera Snake Skin Satchel Handbag
LMMouse : Computer Mouse Hidden Camera 720p HD - DISCONTINUED
HCLMCoffeelid : Lawmate Coffee Cup Lid Hidden Camera - DISCONTINUED
HC-HOOK2-DVR : Round Coat Hook Hidden Spy Camera w/Built in DVR
HC-KEYCM-DVR : HD Car Key Hidden Spy Camera w/Built in DVR
HC-LIGTR2-DVR : Electric Lighter Hidden Spy Camera w/Built in DVR
HC-LIGTR-DVR : Hidden Lighter Camera w/Built in DVR
HC-MUGCM-DVR : Coffee Mug Hidden Camera w/Built in DVR - DISCONTINUED
OmniAC1080P : Omni High-Def Hidden Camera AC Power Plug
HCPowerBank720 : Power Bank Portable Battery Pack Charger Spy Camera/DVR
OmniBottle : Onmi Eye Hi-Def Water Bottle Spy Camera/DVR
OmniCoffeeLid : OmniEye Coffee Cup Lid Spy Camera/DVR
OmniLamp : Lamp Hidden Camera For Only $329.00
OmniEyePlant : OmniEye Hi-Def 1080p Plant Spy Camera-DVR w/Optional AC Power
OmniOutlet : OmniEye Hi-Def Wall Outlet Spy Camera/DVR
AES-SC8 : 1080p Full HD Resolution Pinhole Spy Camera w/Motion Detection
OmniXSmoke : OmniX Hi-Def 1080p Smoke Detector Hidden Camera/DVR - Free 16GB MicroSD Card!
OmniXAirFreshener : OmniX Hi-Def 1080p Air Freshener Spy Camera/DVR - Free 16GB MicroSD Card!
OmniSBottle : Omni Soda Bottle Hi-Def Spy Camera/DVR w/FREE 16GB Micro SD Card
HCNV1080PCLOCK : Desk Clock Spy Camera/DVR w/Night Vision
PV-RC10FHD : LawMate TV Remote Spy Camera/DVR
PV-SK10FHD : Lawmate Hi-Def Outlet Spy Camera/DVR
OmniWallOutlet : Omni Wall Outlet High-Def Spy Camera/DVR
PV-TM10FHD : Lawmate Desktop Clock Weather Station Spy Camera/DVR
PV-AC30 : Lawmate Power Plug Hidden Cam w/Camera In Power Cord
PV-MU10 : Lawmate Hi-Def Computer Mouse Spy Camera/DVR

Dome/Ceiling Cameras

DC-540WC-DN : Vandal-Resistant IR Day/Night High Resolution Color Dome Camera - 540 TV Lines
SP-CAM : Color Imitation Sprinkler Head Hidden Camera
PTZ-DOMEHS : High Speed Dome Camera
DC-1214WC-DN : Day/Night Infrared Dome Camera
DC-HD45-DN : HD Weather Proof Dome Camera w/45 Feet Night Vision

Door Cameras

HCOfficePlate : HC Office Plate - DISCONTINUED
DoorSpy : Door Spy Security System - DISCONTINUED
HCDoorBell : Hidden Camera Doorbell - DISCONTINUED
SWWDC : Streetwise Smart WiFi Doorbell Spy Camera & DVR w/Chime
KPC-VBN190NHDV : Door Peep Hole Camera (High Res Color) - DISCONTINUED

Dummy Cameras

DC1100SSP : 5 inch IR Dummy Camera
HDDCL9 : 9 Inch Outdoor Heavy Duty Dummy Camera - DISCONTINUED
FSB : Fake Security Beam - Imitation Infrared Detector
SWMADC : Streetwise Dummy Camera w/Motion Detector
DCSD4 : 4 Inch Speed Dome Dummy Camera in Outdoor Housing with LED Light
DM-PROL : Professional Dummy Camera
DM-DOML : Dome Dummy Camera with Flashing LED
DMSolar : Solar Powered Dummy Camera
SWDC7MSSP : Streetwise 7 Inch IR Dummy Camera

GPS Tracking Devices

HatiGPS : GL300 WorldTracker GPS - DISCONTINUED
FENRISGPS : WorldTracker Enduro Pro - DISCONTINUED
GPS-MINI : Mini GPS Tracking Device - DISCONTINUED
jackalgps : Jackal Motorcycle GPS Tracking System - DISCONTINUED
BardaTracker : Barda Live Micro GPS Vehicle Tracker - DISCONTINUED
MANITOBAGPS : Manitoba: Tiny Real Time GPS Tracker - DISCONTINUED
IberianGPS : Iberian Live Tracker w/One-way emergency listening and two-way voice options - DISCONTINUED
ConanGPS : Conan - No Fee GPS - DISCONTINUED
OmniTrack : Omnitrack: Complete GPS Tracking Solution
TracKing : TracKing - 3 Months Free Service!
Assettrack : GPS Asset Tracker with 3 Year Battery Life - DISCONTINUED
CarTrack : Car Track GPS Tracking Solution w/1 Year Service Included - DISCONTINUED
46battcombo : 4 - 6 Month GPS Extended Battery and Case Combo - DISCONTINUED
WTEPRO : World Tracker GPS Enduro Pro - DISCONTINUED
SILVERCLOUDTAG : Silver Cloud Tag Live Personal GPS Tracker
RGS30 : Mini RGS30 Real Time GPS Locator No Fee/72 Hrs
Trackimo : Trackimo Micro GPS Tracker - DISCONTINUED
FB2GPS : LandAirSea Flashback Historical GPS Logger
SilverCloudRealTime : Silver Cloud Real Time GPS Tracker
CAT-200X : Ankle Tracker Tracking Device
LAS54 : SilverCloud Mini 54 Real-Time GPS Tracker

Hidden Cameras All-In-1 Camera/DVR

HCBlock : Hidden Camera Child's Block Toy - DISCONTINUED
HCPower : Hidden Camera Power Plug
MirrorHiddenCameraDVR : Mirror Hidden Camera with Built-in DVR
HCCordCam : Hidden Camera Cord Cam
HC-DNVSM-DVR : Smoke Detector DVR Hidden Camera - DISCONTINUED
HCPanel : Hidden Camera Panel DVR - DISCONTINUED
HC-SPLLG : Large Spot Light Hidden Camera with Built-In DVR - DISCONTINUED
HC-SPLSM-DVR : Small Spot Light Hidden Camera with Built-In DVR - DISCONTINUED
SM/GUA : Hi Resolution Motion Light Spy Cam/DVR - DISCONTINUED
SMOKEDETECTOR4GB : Hi-Res Smoke Detector Spy Camera DVR w/ 4GB & Remote
HC-EXITS-DVR : Exit Sign Hidden Camera w/DVR - DISCONTINUED
HC-BMBOX-DVR : Boom Box Hidden Camera w/DVR - DISCONTINUED
HC-OUTLT-DVR : Electrical Outlet Color Hidden Camera w/DVR
HC-ARPUR-DVR : Air Purifier Color Hidden Camera w/DVR - DISCONTINUED
HC-ARFSH-DVR : Air Freshener Color Hidden Camera w/DVR - DISCONTINUED
HC-WNDTN-DVR : Tower Fan Color Hidden Camera w/DVR - DISCONTINUED
HC-WALLC1-DVR : Wall Clock Hiddden Camera w/DVR - DISCONTINUED
HC-MOTION-DVR : Motion Detector Alarm Color Hidden Camera With Built-In DVR
HC-FLPOT-DVR : Flower Pot Color Hidden Camera w/Built-in DVR - DISCONTINUED
HCPill : Hidden Camera Pill Bottle - DISCONTINUED
DVRPFSC : Photo Frame Smart Cam & DVR w/Remote - DISCONTINUED
HC-MIRBK-DVR : Black Frame Mirror Hidden Camera w/Built-In DVR - DISCONTINUED
HC-ALC32-DVR : Clock Radio Hidden Camera w/Built-in DVR - DISCONTINUED
HC-EMGLT-DVR : Emergency Light Spy Camera/DVR - DISCONTINUED
DVRPIR : PIR Motion Detector Hi-Def Spy Camera/DVR w/Remote - DISCONTINUED
SWBCDVR : Streetwise USB Block Charger Hi-Def Spy Camera/DVR
HC-ALARCW-DVR : Alarm Clock Hiddden Camera w/DVR
OmniThermos : Hi-Def Thermos Spy Camera/DVR - DISCONTINUED
HCMiniCharge : Mini Phone Charger Spy Camera/DVR
BSTHCMultiDock : Multi-phone Compatible Docking Station Spy Camera/DVR
DIYB720 : Do-It-Yourself 720P Spy Camera/DVR Kit

Hidden Cameras for Cars Trucks SUVs RVs

BushBaby2RadarDetector : Bush Baby Radar Detector
CCBlackBox : Black Box Car Camera - DISCONTINUED
CCRetro : 1080p HD Car Dash Cam - DISCONTINUED
BB2rearviewmirror : In Car Spy Camera with Optional Rear Camera - DISCONTINUED
CCDVR960 : High Def Car Dash Camera - DISCONTINUED
SGPowerInverterCarSpyCamera : SecureGuard Power Inverter Car Spy Camera
DualCCPro : Dual Car Cam Pro Car Spy Camera with GPS Logger - DISCONTINUED
CC1280NV : High Def Car Cam w/Night Vision - DISCONTINUED
CC850 : Car Camera Car Camera w/GPS Stand - DISCONTINUED
BBSGarage : Bush Baby Stealth Hi-Def Garage Door Opener Spy Camera/DVR
CCRetroEcon : Economy HD Car Dash Cam 1080p - DISCONTINUED
HC-DASHHD-DVR : Mini 1080HD Dash Camera With Built-In DVR and LCD Screen - DISCONTINUED
OmniInverter : Omni Inverter Car Spy Camera/DVR
REARVIEW-DVR : Rear View Mirror 1080P HD Hidden Camera w/Built In DVR - FREE 32GB Micro SD Card
DASHCAM-DVR : 1080P HD Dash Spy Camera w/Built In DVR & 170 Degree Lens
PV-PH10 : Lawmate Car Mount Holder Spy Camera/DVR
PV-CG10 : Lawmate Car Charger Spy Camera/DVR

IP Cameras

PV-BT10i : Lawmate Hi-Def WiFi Wireless Speaker Spy Camera/DVR
PV-CC10W : Lawmate WiFi Coffee Lid High-Def 1080P Spy Camera/DVR
SWENSWC : Eye In The Sky 360 Degree WiFi Spy Camera
BBIPSpeaker : Bush Baby IP Speakers - DISCONTINUED
BBIPExit : Bush Baby IP Exit Sign Spy Camera - DISCONTINUED
BBIPAirFreshner : Bush Baby IP Air Freshner Spy Camera
BBIPFern : Bush Baby IP: Fern Camera - DISCONTINUED
IP Camera Pro : Professional Quality IP Camera
HS203IPx4 : HS203IPx4 Wireless Camera System - DISCONTINUED
HS203IP : Mini Wireless IP Camera
IP-225W : Indoor Wired IP Camera
WIFI1080PMINI : Mini Wifi Black Box Spy Camera/DVR w/Rotating Lens
BBWIFIQUAD : Bush Baby Quad AC Receptacle Hi-Def WiFi Spy Camera/DVR
HCWIFIBLUETOOTHSPEAKER : Hi-Def Blue Tooth Speaker Hidden Spy Camera/DVR w/Wifi - Free 8GB MicroSD Card!
TravelACWifi1080 : WiFi Travel AC Adapter 1080p Hi-Def Spy Cam/DVR
BBWLBlackbox : Bush Baby Blackbox Wireless IP Camera System - DISCONTINUED
BBIP2DockingStation5 : Bush Baby IP 2 iPod Docking Station - DISCONTINUED
HCACWiFi : Full HD Wifi AC Adapter Camera
BBWIFILIGHT : Bush Baby Flood Light WiFi Spy Camera/DVR
HCwificlock : WiFi Wall Clock w/PIR & SD Card Storage - DISCONTINUED
IPMotionHD : Motion Sensor w/Hidden 720p Wifi IP Camera
IPSmoke : Smoke Detector w/Hidden 720p Wifi IP Camera - DISCONTINUED
BBIP2JunctionBox : Bush Baby IP 2 Outdoor Junction Box w/NIght Vision - DISCONTINUED
RCAWIP249 : RCA Clock Radio Wireless IP Spy Camera
IPCameraCloud : Professional IP Camera w/Easy Remote View
HCWifiBulb : High Definition Night Vision Bulb Camera w/WiFi
HC-OLPIC-DVR : Oil Painting Picture Frame WiFi Hidden Camera w/Built in DVR
HC-ALRMC-DVR : Alarm Clock w/Built In DVR and WiFi - DISCONTINUED
PV-50HD2W : Lawmate Police Body Cam & DVR w/Wifi
HCWiFiCable : Smartphone USB Cable Wi-Fi Spy Camera/DVR
PV-EP10W : LawMate 1080p WiFi Headphones Spy Camera/DVR
BBWiFiOutlet : Bush Baby Wifi Outlet
MCCWIFIWEATHER : Wireless 1080p Hi-Def Weather Station w/WiFi
BBWIFIFan : Bush Baby WiFi Fan
BBWIFIBLACKBOX : Bush Baby WiFi Black Box
WIFIWALLCLOCK : High-Def Wifi Classic Wall Clock
RDWIFICLOCK : Round Wifi Hi-Def Mini Clock
SQWIFICLOCK : Square Wifi Hi-Def Mini Clock
SWIPC : Streetwise HI-DEF IP Wireless Camera w/Pan & Tilt
BBWiFiFern : Fern Plant Hidden Camera w/WiFi
BBWiFiBluetoothClock : Bush Baby WiFi Bluetooth Clock Spy Camera/DVR
BBWiFiCoffeePot : Bush Baby WiFi Coffee Pot Spy Camera/DVR
BBWiFiRouter : Bush Baby High-Def WiFi Router
LMWiFiCase : LawMate iPhone 6 Hi-Def Covert Video Case w/WiFi
LMWiFiDockStation : Hi-Def Android/iPhone WiFi Dock Station Spy Cam/DVR - DISCONTINUED
LMWIFIPower : Lawmate WiFi Power Adapter Spy Camera/DVR - DISCONTINUED
HCWiFiHook : Cloths Hook Wifi Spy Camera/DVR
WIFIAC1080P : WiFi ACDC 1080p Hi-Def Spy Cam/DVR
BBWiFiBluRayPlayer : Bush Baby WiFi Blu-Ray Player Hidden Spy Camera/DVR
OmniAC1080WiFi : Omni AC Charger 1080p WiFi Spy Camera/DVR
SWCCIPC : Streetwise Cube Clock WiFi IP Camera
LMWifiClockNV : Lawmate HD WiFi Camera Clock w/Night Vision - DISCONTINUED
HCWifiDock : Smartphone Dock Station w/Wifi Camera
BSTWiFiCase : iPhone 6/6s Wifi Spy Camera iPhone Case
WIFI1080pBox : Wifi Black Box Spy Camera/DVR w/Rotating Lens
BBWifiLamp : Bush Baby WiFi Lamp Spy Camera/DVR
BBWifiSolarLED : Bush Baby Outdoor WiFi Solar LED Spy Camera/DVR w/Free Micro 16GB SD CARD
WIFIDIY1080 : Do-It-Yourself WiFi 1080P Camera Kit - Free 16GB MicroSD Card!
BBWiFiClock : Bush Baby WiFi 1080p High-Def WiFi Clock - DISCONTINUED
HCWIFICLOCKRWS : WiFi Clock Weather Station Spy Camera/DVR w/Rotatable Lens
PV-IP7i : Lawmate Iphone 7/6 Case Spy Camera/DVR
PV-UC10I : Lawmate Hi-Def WiFi Wall Adapter Spy Camera/DVR
PV-PB20I : LawMate WiFi Power Bank Spy Camera/DVR
BBWIFIWALLOUTLET : Bush Baby High-Def WiFi Wall Outlet Spy Camera/DVR w/Free 16GB Micro SD Card
HCAIWIFICLOCK : High-Def WiFi Desk Clock Spy Camera/DVR w/Free 8GB Micro SD Card
PV-DY10i : Lawmate Do It Yourself WiFi Spy Camera/DVR
BBWiFiReceptacle : Bush Baby WiFi Wall Outlet Receptacle Spy Camera/DVR - Free 16GB MicroSD Card!
PV-DLM2 : LawMate Hi-Def Black Box Spy Cam & DVR w/WiFi
BBWiFiExit : Bush Baby Hi-Def Wi-Fi Hardwired Exit Sign - Free 16GB MicroSD Card!
HCWIFICLOCKHD : Covert Desk Clock Hidden Spy Camera w/WiFi
PV-NB10W : Lawmate Covert Notebook Wifi Spy Camera/DVR
HCWIFI330LAMP : WIFI Covert Camera Mood Lamp w/Rotating Lens
DCWCC : Dock Charger Wi-Fi Spy Camera - Type C Connector
HCWiFiNightLight : Hi-Def Wifi Night Light Hidden Camera

Key Chain Cameras/DVR

KC720SD : Hi Def Keychain Spy Camera/DVR - DISCONTINUED
KCSlim : Slim Keychain DVR - DISCONTINUED
KCS820 : HD Key Chain DVR with Key - DISCONTINUED
Minicam720 : Mini Cam 720 HD Key Chain DVR - DISCONTINUED
KC1080NV : HD Key Chain DVR with Night Vision - DISCONTINUED
LMKC200H : Lawmate 1080p Keychain Spy Camera/DVR - DISCONTINUED
KCLM200WiFi : LawMate Key Chain 1080p Covert Video Recorder w/WiFi - DISCONTINUED
PV-RC200HD2 : LawMate Hi-Def Key Chain Spy Camera/DVR
BSTKC720Wifi : Wifi Keychain Hi-Def 720P Spy Camera/DVR
KCMulti : Keychain Multi Hidden Spy Camera/DVR
PV-RC200HDW : LawMate WiFi Key Chain High-Def Spy Camera/DVR
PV-RC200HD2KR : LawMate Hi-Def Key Chain KR Spy Camera/DVR

Listening Devices

E2000 : E2000 Spy Hearing Amplifier
MTR : Mini Telephone Recorder - DISCONTINUED
ALPMII : Acoustic Leakage Probe Contact Mic II
LD-ALPPRO : ProExtreme-Acoustic Leakage Probe-Contact Mic

Low-Light Cameras

HC-FLCAM-DVR : Flashlight Camcorder w/IR Night Vision
CL32NV : Nitespy Night Vision - DISCONTINUED
Nitespy 520 : Nitespy 520 Dual Band AM/FM Clock Radio with DVR - DISCONTINUED
LMSnakecam : Lawmate Covert Mini Snake Camera - DISCONTINUED
HCBulb720 : Nightvision Lightbulb Spy Camera/DVR

Mini Clock Cameras

MiniClockCamXL : Mini Clock Cam XL Covert Nanny Cam - DISCONTINUED
MiniClockCamMirror : Mirror Hidden Clock Spy Camera/DVR - DISCONTINUED
MiniClockCamHD : Mini ClockCam HD Hidden Clock Spy Cam/DVR - DISCONTINUED
MiniClockTravel : Mini Clock Travel: Portable Mini Clock Spy Camera - DISCONTINUED
MiniClockDeluxe : Mini Clock Spy Cam Deluxe - DISCONTINUED
MCPRO : Mini Spy Clock Cam Pro - DISCONTINUED
MCC720p : Mini Clock Travel Portable High Definition Spy Camera/DVR
LMAlarmClock : Lawmate Hidden Camera Alarm Clock/DVR - DISCONTINUED
LMAlarmClock1080NV : Lawmate HD Hidden Camera Alarm Clock w/Night Vision - DISCONTINUED
HC-IRCLK-DVR : Gray Clock Hidden Camera w/IRs and Built in DVR - DISCONTINUED
MCC1080wifi : Full High-Def 1080p Wifi Mini-Clock Spy Camera
MCC1080NV : Full High-Def 1080p Mini-Clock Spy Camera w/Night Vision
BBWifiAlarmClock : Bush Baby Wifi Alarm Clock Spy Camera/DVR
MiniClockCam : Mini Clock Cam w/DVR
HCMiniWiFiClock : Mini Clock WiFi Hidden Camera

Mini Spy Cams 2.4/5.8G

HCMS : Hidden Camera Mini Spy - DISCONTINUED
HS580Deluxe : HS580Deluxe: Upgrade 5.8Ghz Wireless Camera System - DISCONTINUED
HS580 : HS580: 5.8 GHz Wireless Camera System - DISCONTINUED
HS203USBX4-W7x64 : Mini Wireless Color Spy Cameras w/ PC USB Adapter (Set of 4)- SpyGearCo.com - DISCONTINUED
HS203USB7x64 : Mini 2.4GHz Spy Camera Wireless w/ Built-in USB Rcvr - Win7 64 Bit Compatible Version - DISCONTINUED
HS203CD : Mini 2.4GHz Digital Wireless Camera - DISCONTINUED
HS420D : Wireless Encrypted Digital Camera System
HS530x4 : Wireless Multi View MiniCam


CHECKMATE : CheckMate: Infidelity Test Kit
MDRing : Metal Detector Ring - DISCONTINUED

Mobile/PC Surveillance

CDRPAndroid : Cell Phone Data Recovery Pro for Android - DISCONTINUED
CDRPiPhone : Cell Phone Data Recovery Pro for iPhone - DISCONTINUED
EnigmaRecovery : iPhone/Android Combo Recovery Stick - DISCONTINUED
VRcellphone : Cellphone 4GB Digital Recorder
PhoneSpy : Phone Spy Cell Phone Camera - DISCONTINUED
iRecovery : iRecovery for Apple iPhone - DISCONTINUED
WNDWBRKR : Windows Breaker: Password Cracking Utility - DISCONTINUED
DS-PORNSTICK : Paraben Porn Detection Safety Stick - DISCONTINUED
ANDRECSTK : Android Recovery Stick - DISCONTINUED
LMGSMSafe : Cell Phone Frequency Monitor - DISCONTINUED
SDCardRecoveryPro : SD Card Data Recovery Pro - DISCONTINUED
CDRProForWindowsDownload : SpyGearCo iPhone Data Recovery For Windows Download
CDRProForMacDownload : SpyGearCo iPhone Data Recovery For Mac Download
NoPassword : Windows Password Bypass Software - DISCONTINUED
spyrecoverypro : Spy Recovery Pro - DISCONTINUED
SIMRecovery2 : SIM Data Recovery Data Management Tool - DISCONTINUED
SPRPiPhone : Smart Phone Recovery Pro For iPhone
SPRPAndroid : Android SmartPhone Recovery
Pro for Windows - DISCONTINUED


LCD-19 : LCD 19 Inch Video Monitor

Outdoor Cams/Systems

BC-61-DVR : 55 IR Weatherproof Bullet Camera DVR System - DISCONTINUED
BC-30-DVR : 24 IR Weatherproof Bullet Camera DVR System - DISCONTINUED
HCThermo : Hidden Camera Thermometer DVR - DISCONTINUED
SWNW760 : Nightwatcher Robotic LED Light w/HD Spy Camera & WiFi
NightwatcherLEDSecurityMotionLight : Nightwatcher LED Security Motion Recording Light w/ WiFi
NightwatcherRoboticSecurityCamera : Nightwatcher Robotic Security Motion Lightning Camera
OmniXElectricalBox : OmniX Electrical Box Hidden Camera/DVR - Free 16GB MicroSD Card!
OmniXNEStake : Outdoor Outlet Stake Hidden Camera Spy Camera/DVR - FREE 16GB SD Card

Phanthom Ray Hidden Cameras w/IR Illuminators

SGSmalliPodDockSpyCamera : SecureGuard Small iPod Dock Spy Camera
SS-STL-IR : SecureShot Nightvision Standard Size Touch Lamp
SecureShotBatteryPoweredSmokeDetectorWithIR : SecureShot Smoke Detector Covert Camera/DVR w/IRs
FHD-IHL-IR : SecureShot Full High Def 1080P Ipod Dock Clock Radio Spy Camera/DVR w/NightVision
SecureShotHDBluRayPlayer : SecureShot Blu Ray Player w/Nightvision
SS-SIPOD-DU : SecureShot Nightvision Sony Clock Radio/Ipod Dock - DISCONTINUED
FHD-EB-IR : SecureShot 1080p High-Def Electrical Box Hidden Camera/DVR w/NightVision
SS-CCIH-DU : SecureShot Cube Style Ihome Clock Radio - DISCONTINUED
SS-IH-DU-DU : SecureShot IHOME for Ipod Iphone Dually Hidden Camera - DISCONTINUED
SS-CBH-IR : SecureShot NightVision Cedar Bird House Camera/DVR w/1 Yr. Battery
FHD-SPK-IR : Secureshot Outdoor Rock Hidden Camera
FHD-IHB-IR : SecureShot Full HD 1080P Ihome Bluetooth Clock Radio Spy Camera/DVR w/Nightvision
SecureShotFirstAlertSmokeDetector : SecureShot First Alert Smoke Detector Camera/DVR w/NightVision & 1 Year Battery
SecureShotDuallyPlugMountAirIonizer : SecureShot Full High Definition 1080P Air Cleaner Camera/DVR
SecureShotBatteryPoweredGladeAirFreshener : SecureShot NightVision Air Freshener w/PIR Motion Activation + 1 Year Battery
FHD-AIR-IR : SecureShot Full High Definition 1080P Personal Air Purifier Camera/DVR w/Night Vision
SecureShotMidlandRadio : Midland Weather Alert AM/FM Clock Radio Phanthom Ray Dually Res Hidden Camera
FHD-HMT-IR : SecureShot Mini Tower Air Purifier with NightVision
SecureShotHighDefinitionTissueBox : SecureShot Full High Definition Tissue Box Spy Camera/DVR

Phone/Computer Spying

Retriever : Retriever: Hidden PC Monitoring Software - DISCONTINUED
GST-007 : Social Tracker
Flyware : Flyware Standard Smart Phone Spyware - DISCONTINUED
EagleEye : Eagle Eye Spy Software - DISCONTINUED
PC-Pandora : PC Pandora - Best Internet Security Software
Hawk : Hawk Mobile Monitor

Portable Recorders

DV1650M : Angel Eye DVR with Button Camera - DISCONTINUED
PocketDVRmini : Miniature Pocket DVR - DISCONTINUED
DVRG200 : World's Smallest HD Spy DVR w/TFT Screen - DISCONTINUED
LMDVR1000 : Lawmate Touch Screen Portable DVR - DISCONTINUED
PocketDVRLite3 : Lawmate Pocket DVR LITE 3 w/Touchscreen - DISCONTINUED
lmminidvr720p : Lawmate Miniature DVR w/720p HD Camera - DISCONTINUED
PocketDVRLITETouch : Lawmate Pocket DVR LITE Touch Screen - DISCONTINUED
PV-50 : LawMate Covert Matchbox Sized DVR
HC-FLASH-DVR : Flashlight Hidden Camera w/Built in DVR
BSTTOUCHDVR : Beyond Science Pocket DVR w/Spy Camera - Law Enforcement Grade Pocket DVR
PV-500EVO2U-BUNDLE : PV-500 EVO2u Professional Pocket DVR & Pinhole Spy Camera Bundle
PV-BC10 : Lawmate Ultra Slim 720p Black Box Hidden Spy Camera/DVR

Professional Cameras

PC-220WC-DN : 220X Day-Night Zoom Camera
DayNightColorCamera-ST : High Resolution Day-Night Color Camera
BC-61W : High Resolution Day-Night Color Camera - 540 TV Lines
BC-650WC-DN : High Resolution 650 TLV Day/Night Color Camera w/Wide Angle Lens
BC-HD135-DN : HD Weather Proof Bullet Camera
DC-HD60-DN : IntelliSpy Dome Camera w/NightVision

Secure Shot HD Live View IP/SD Cams

SSHD-CO2-IR : SecureShot HD Live View Kidde CO2 Detector Hidden Camera/DVR w/Nightvision
SecureShotHDLiveViewIH : Secure Shot HD Live View IHome Spy Camera/DVR - DISCONTINUED
SSHD-AWR-IR : SecureShot HD Live View Weather Alert Alarm Clock Radio Spy Camera/DVR w/Nightvision
SecureShotHDLiveViewAP : Secure Shot HD Live View Mini Tower Air Purifier Spy Camera/DVR
SecureShotHDLiveViewBB : Secure Shot HD Live View Boom Box Spy Camera/DVR
SecureShotHDLiveViewSmokeDetector : Secure Shot HD Live View Smoke Detector Spy Camera/DVR
SecureShotHDLiveViewSamsungBluRayPlayer : Secure Shot HD Live View Samsung 3D BluRay Player Hidden Camera/DVR
SSHD-LF-IR : SecureShot HD Live View Oscillating Fan Hidden Camera/DVR w/Nightvision
SSHD-ICC-IR : SecureShot HD Live View Ihome Cube Clock Radio Spy Camera/DVR
SSHD-IHB-IR : SecureShot HD Live View Ihome Bluetooth Clock Radio Spy Camera/DVR
SecureShotHDLiveViewUtilityBox : Secure Shot HD Live View Utility Box Spy Camera/DVR
SecureShotHDLiveViewExitSign : Secure Shot HD Live View Exit Sign Spy Camera/DVR
SecureShotHDLiveViewAirPurifier : Secure Shot HD Live View Air Purifier Spy Camera/DVR
SecureShotHDLiveViewAirFreshener : Secure Shot HD Live View Air Freshener Spy Camera/DVR
SSHD-FL-C : SecureShot HD-Live View-High Definition LED Motion Flood Light - DISCONTINUED
SSHD-HUM-C : Secure Shot HD Live View Humidifier Spy Camera/DVR
SecureShotHDLiveViewMantleClock : Secure Shot HD Live View Mantle Clock Spy Camera/DVR
SecureShotHDLiveViewLamp : Secure Shot HD Live View Antique Lamp Spy Camera/DVR

SecureGuard 4G Cams

W4GUB : SecureGuard Outdoor Utility Box 4G Spy Camera
W4GMD : SecureGuard Wireless 4G Motion Detector Spy Camera
W4GOR : SecureGuard Outdoor Rock 4G Spy Camera/DVR
W4GWC-PWR-Configuration-AE : SecureGuard Wireless 4G Wall Clock Spy Camera
W4GBH : SecureGuard HD 4G Birdhouse Spy Camera/DVR
W4GWC : SecureGuard Wireless 4G Wall Clock Spy Camera
W4GWB : SecureGuard HD Wireless 4G Wicker Tissue Box Spy Camera/DVR
W4GTLB : SecureGuard HD Wireless 4G Tool Box Spy Camera/DVR
W4GBF : SecureGuard HD Wireless 4G Box Fan Spy Camera/DVR
SWIP-SMK : SecureGuard HD Wireless 4G Smoke Detector Spy Camera/DVR

SecureGuard 4K Cams

4K-SMK : Secureguard 4K Ultra HD Battery Powered WiFi Smoke Detector Fire Alarm Spy Camera
4K36-K4168 : Secureguard 4K Ultra HD Battery Powered WiFi Smoke Detector Fire Alarm Spy Camera
4K-FAS : Secureguard 4K Ultra HD WiFi Battery Powered Fire Alarm Strobe Spy Camera
4K-REC : Secureguard 4K Battery Powered Receptacle Outlet Spy Camera
4KRCA : Secureguard 4K Ultra HD WiFi Alarm Clock Radio Spy Camera
4KIHD : Secureguard 4K Ultra HD WiFi iPhone Dock Radio Spy Camera
4KCOD : Secureguard 4K Ultra HD WiFi Carbon Monoxide Detector Spy Camera
4KREC2 : Secureguard 4K Battery Powered Functional Receptacle Outlet Spy Camera

SecureGuard Cameras

SGBatteryPoweredPowerReceptacleSpyCamera : SecureGuard Battery Powered Power Receptacle Spy Camera - DISCONTINUED
SGBatteryPoweredFireAlarmPullStationSpyCamera : SecureGuard Battery Powered Fire Alarm Pull Station Spy Camera
SGMiniBlackBoxSpyCamera : Secure Guard Mini Black Box Battery Powered Spy Camera
SGLargeiPodDockSpyCamera : SecureGuard Large iPod Dock Spy Camera
SGLinkSysMotionDetectorSpyCamera : Secure Guard LinkSys Wireless Access Point Spy Camera
SCR720P : SecureGuard Clock Radio Spy Camera
SGBatteryPoweredSmokeDetectorSpyCamera : SecureGuard Battery Powered First Alert Smoke Detector Spy Camera
SGBatteryPoweredMotionDetectorSpyCamera : SecureGuard Battery Powered Motion Detector Spy Camera
SGBatteryPoweredFireAlarmStrobeLightSpyCamera : SecureGuard Battery Powered Fire Alarm Strobe Light Spy Camera (30 Day Battery) - DISCONTINUED
BPSPK640 : SecureGuard Battery Powered Sprinkler Spy Camera
SGBatteryPoweredSprinklerSpyCamera : SecureGuard Battery Powered Sprinkler Spy Camera
SBSC33 : SecureGuard Spy Box Spy Camera (3 month Battery)
SBSC180 : SecureGuard Spy Box Spy Camera (6 Month Battery)
SGSBAC : SecureGuard Spy Box (AC Power)
DPF720 : SecureGuard HD 720p Digital Photo Frame Spy Camera
SGLRD720 : SecureGuard HD 720p Car Laser Radar Detector Spy Camera
SGFireAlarmStrobeLightSpyCameraBatteryPowered : SecureGuard Fire Alarm Strobe Light Spy Camera (Battery Powered)

SecureGuard IP Cams

SGSmokeDetectorAlarmWirelessIPSpyCamera : SecureGuard Smoke Detector Alarm Wireless IP Spy Camera
WSIP-HAP : SecureGuard Elite Holmes Air Purifier
WiFi Spy Camera

SGFireAlarmStrobeLightWirelessIPSpyCamera : SecureGuard Fire Alarm Strobe Light Wireless IP Spy Camera - DISCONTINUED
SGMotionDetectorWirelessIPSpyCamera : SecureGuard Motion Detector Wireless IP Spy Camera
XFRAME : SecureGuard HD WiFi Photo Frame Hidden Spy Camera ( LONG 1 YEAR BATTERY LIFE MODEL)
SGHolmesAirPurifierIPSpyCamera : SecureGuard Holmes Air Purifier Wireless IP Spy Camera
SGERCA : SecureGuard Elite Alarm Clock Radio IP Spy Camera
SGBurglarAlarmSpeakerWirelessIPSpyCamera : SecureGuard Burglar Alarm Speaker Wireless IP Spy Camera
SGEAP720 : SecureGuard Elite Air Purifier Spy Camera - DISCONTINUED
SGESMK : SecureGuard Elite Smoke Detector Spy Camera
XWALL : SecureGuard HD WiFi Wall Clock Hidden Spy Camera w/EXTREME Battery Life
XSMOKE : SecureGuard HD WiFi Smoke Detector Hidden Spy Camera w/EXTREME Battery Life
XEBOX : SecureGuard HD WiFi Utility Box Hidden Spy Camera w/EXTREME Battery Life
SWIP-BF : SecureGuard Box Fan Wireless IP Spy hidden Camera
AES-SWIP-REC2 : SecureGuard Elite 720p HD WiFi AC Power Receptacle Outlet Spy Cam
PFLWIP : SecureGuard Exit Power Failure Light IP Spy Camera/DVR
SGEFAS : SecureGuard Elite Strobe Light IP Spy Camera
SWIP-FPS : SecureGuard Elite Fire Alarm Pull Station IP Spy Camera
SWIP-TB : SecureGuard Elite Wicker Tissue Box WiFi Spy Camera

SecureShot Hidden Cam All-In-1 Camera/DVR

FHD-C02-IR : SecureShot 1080P CO2 Detector Spy Camera/DVR w/IR Nightvision - FREE 8Gb Micro SD CARD
SecureShotBatteryPoweredSmokeDetector : SecureShot Battery Powered Smoke Detector - DISCONTINUED
SS-BRAY-C : SecureShot LG Blu Ray DVD Player - DISCONTINUED
SS/TBOX/C : SecureShot Thermally Motion Activated Battery Operated Ultimate Tissue Box Hidden Camera/DVR - DISCONTINUED
SS/CWC/C : SecureShot Battery Powered "cordless" Wall Clock Hidden Camera
SecureShotBatteryPoweredMailBoxDVR : Battery Powered Mail Box Hidden Camera/DVR
SecureShotBatteryPoweredTeddyBearDVR : Battery Powered Teddy Bear Hidden Camera/DVR - DISCONTINUED
SS-BF-C : SecureShot Bird Feeder Hidden Camera DVR - DISCONTINUED
SecureShotEBoxCam : SecureShot Covert Electrical Box Camera - DISCONTINUED
SecureShotIPODDockingStationClockRadioCovertHiddenCamera-DRV : SecureShot IPOD Docking Station Clock Radio Covert Hidden Camera/DRV - DISCONTINUED
FHD-AWR-IR : SecureShot 1080P Weather Alert Alarm Clock Radio Spy Cam DVR w/IR NightVision
SS-MDPH-C : SecureShot AM-FM Clock Weather Radio Covert Spy Camera/DVR - DISCONTINUED
SS-AT-C : SecureShot Thermally Motion Activated Battery Operated Atomic Wall/Desk Clock DVR
SS-BK-C : SecureShot Book Covert Color Camera/DVR
FHD-CO2-C : SecureShot Full High Definition 1080P CO2 Detector Camera/DVR
FDH-FL-C : SecureShot High Definition LED Motion Flood Light Spy Cam/DVR - DISCONTINUED
FHD-TB-C : SecureShot Full High Definition 1080P Teddy Bear Spy Camera/DVR
FHD-ICC-C : SecureShot 1080P Lighting Dock Ihome Cube Clock Radio Spy Camera/DVR
SecureShotStickAirIonizer : SecureShot Stick Air Ionizer/Cleaner
Spy Camera/DVR

SecureShotExitSign : SecureShot Exit Sign Spy Camera/DVR

Sport/Hobby Cameras

SPORTCAMEX : 1080p HD Extreme Sport Camera w/Resistent Case
CCBullet : 1080p HD Sports Cam or Car Dash Cam - DISCONTINUED
USC : Ultra Sports Cam
HelmCam : Helmut Spy Camera - DISCONTINUED
UW-DVR : UW-DVR Sport Cam
UltraSportsCam : Waterproof Ultra Sports Camera with Night Vision - DISCONTINUED
HC-ACTION-DVR : Sports Action Hidden Camera w/Built-In DVR
HC-GOGGLE-DVR : Goggle Hidden Spy Camera w/Built-In DVR

Spy Audio Pens

PrmaMQ77N1GB : Black and Silver Recorder Pen (1 GB) - DISCONTINUED
PRMAMQ72N : 1GB USB Digital Voice Recording Pen in Gold
PRMA128USB : Black Discreet Pen Spy Cam - DISCONTINUED
PrmaMQ72N256 : 256MB USB Digital Voice Recording Pen in Gold - DISCONTINUED
PrmaMQ77N256 : Black and Silver Recorder Pen (256 MB) - DISCONTINUED
PrvaMQ99 : Long Lasting Digital Voice Recording Pen - DISCONTINUED


KVA01 : Kivos Intelligent Video Alarm - DISCONTINUED
MIRRORSPY : Security Mirror Spy Camera - DISCONTINUED
HC-TVRemote : Hidden Spy Camera DVR TV Remote - DISCONTINUED
DVRA8 : USB-DVR Spy Camera with 4 GB Built-In Memory
PocketSpy : PocketSpy: Pocket Paper/Document Scanner - DISCONTINUED
HCGum : Gum Spy Camera - DISCONTINUED
DS-AJ34 : Portable Privacy Audio Jammer
500 : SnakeEYE Camera for Android

Spy Video Pens

DVMP2K : 2K Resolution Video Spy Pen
DV-1300M-4GB : DV1300M DVR Pen with Motion Activation - DISCONTINUED
DV-1280 : DV-1280 Video Camcorder/Spy Pen - DISCONTINUED
DV1300M8GB : Black Silver 8GB Spy Pen w/Motion Activation - DISCONTINUED
DVBPR6Silver : Digital Video Pen in Silver
DVBPR6 : Digital Video Pen
DV720PHDVideoSpyPen : DV720P HD Video Spy Pen
MQ720pm : Gold 720p Hi-Def Video Pen w/Motion Detection
DV1300SD : Black & Silver Spy Pen w/Motion Activation & 8GB SD - DISCONTINUED
DV1080M : 1080p HD Black and Silver Spy Pen w/16GB Storage - DISCONTINUED

Spy Watches

TTDClassic : Classic Spy Gear Watch With 720p Video - DISCONTINUED
TTD-YELLOW : Motion Activated Water Resistant Watch Spy Cam/DVR - DISCONTINUED
TTDYELLOW8GB : Black and Yellow Spy Watch/DVR - DISCONTINUED
NIGHTWATCHSILVER4GB : Spy Watch DVR with Night Vision
NightWatch : Night Watch Spy Watch
HC-WATCH : Watch Video Camera with Audio and Built-in Micro 4GB DVR - DISCONTINUED
HCAndroidWatch : Android Smart Watch w/Hidden Camera

Video Recorders

SA-DVR-4 : 4 Channel Embedded DVR wo/Smart Phone Playback
SA-DVR-8 : 8 Channel Embedded DVR
SA-DVR-16 : 16 Channel Embedded DVR
DVR-USB : USB DVR Computer Surveillance Connector for Spy Cameras & Hidden Cameras
SA-DVR-4-2012 : 4 channel Embedded DVR - 4 Channel Records up to 4 cameras

Voice Changers

VCEconomy : Voice Changer: Economy Mode - DISCONTINUED
KCVC : Keychain Voice Changer - DISCONTINUED
VC-2000 : CellPhone (Hands Free) Voice Changer - DISCONTINUED
VC300 : Professional Portable Voice Changer

Wi-Fi Hidden Cameras

SGBatteryPoweredAirFreshenerIPSpyCamera : SG Batt. Powered Air Freshener IP Spy Cam
OutdoorEnclosureWirelessIPSpyCamera : SecureGuard Outdoor Enclosure Wireless IP Spy Camera
WallClockWirelessIPSpyCamera : SecureGuard 13" Plastic Wall Clock Wireless IP Spy Camera
SWIP-CMA : SecureGuard Carbon Monoxide Alarm Wireless IP Spy Camera
HC-ALARC-WF : Wi-FI Alarm Clock Radio Covert Camera with 2-Way Talk Back Audio
HC-DNVSM-WF : Wi-FI Smoke Detector Covert Camera with 2-Way Talk Back Audio

Wireless Cameras


Wireless Hidden Cams

VanityMirrorHiddenCamera-ST : Vanity Mirror Hidden Camera - DISCONTINUED
WallClockHiddenCamera-ST : Wall Clock Hidden Camera - DISCONTINUED
ElectricalBoxHiddenCamera-ST : Electrical Box Hidden Camera - DISCONTINUED
ThermostatHiddenCamera-ST : Thermostat Hidden Camera - DISCONTINUED
SmokeDetectorDownViewHiddenCamera-ST : Down View Smoke Detector Hidden Camera - DISCONTINUED
EmergencyLightHiddenCamera-ST : Emergency Light Hidden Spy Camera - DISCONTINUED
MotionDetectorHiddenCamera-ST : Motion Detector Hidden Camera - DISCONTINUED
MirrorHiddenCamera-ST : Mirror Hidden Camera - DISCONTINUED
TowerFanHiddenCamera-ST : Fan Hidden Camera - DISCONTINUED
ExitSignHiddenCamera-ST : Exit Sign Hidden Camera - DISCONTINUED
DeskTopSpeakersHiddenCamera-ST : Desk Top Speakers Hidden Camera - DISCONTINUED
BoomBoxHiddenCamera-ST : Boom Box Hidden Camera - DISCONTINUED
HC-SPRNK-WC : Sprinkler Hidden Camera - DISCONTINUED
AirFreshenerHiddenCamera-ST : Wireless Air Freshener Hidden Camera - DISCONTINUED
AlarmClockHiddenCamera-ST : Alarm Clock Hidden Camera - DISCONTINUED

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SecureShot Live-View<br>BluRay PlayerSecureShot HD Live View Ihome<br>Cube Clock Radio Spy Camera/DVRCovert Desk Clock<br>Hidden Spy Camera w/WiFi
SecureShot 1080p Hi-Def<br>Smoke Detector Spy Cam/DVRSecureShot HD Live View Ihome Bluetooth<br>Clock Radio Spy Camera/DVRBB WiFi Super<br>Hi-Resolution 4K Cameras
Omni Inverter Car<br>Spy Camera/DVRLawmate Car Key<br>Voice RecorderMini Clock WiFi<br>Hidden Camera
SecureShot HD Live View<br>CO2 Detector Hidden Camera/DVR w/NightvisionSmartphone USB Cable<br>Wi-Fi Spy Camera/DVRHi-Def Wifi Night<br>Light Hidden Camera
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SecureShot Live-View<br>BluRay PlayerWatch Your Kids, Business or Your Cheating Spouse from Your Smart Phone While Being Recorded on an SD card. The Secure Shot HD Live View 3D Blu-Ray Player Spy Camera/DVR is Available in Hi-Res Color or NightVision Invisible IR Models.
SecureShot 1080p Hi-Def<br>Smoke Detector Spy Cam/DVRSecureShot 1080p High-Def Smoke Detector Spy Cam/DVR w/NightVision Has a 6/Month Battery & is TOTALLY Covert. Great Color Video by Day, and Great B&W Video at Night, EVEN IN TOTAL DARKNESS. Click on Image for DEMO VIDEO.
SecureShot HD Live View<br>CO2 Detector Hidden Camera/DVR w/NightvisionOur SecureShot HD Live View CO2 Detector Hidden Camera/DVR w/Nightvision Naturally Blends in with Your Home. No One Will Suspect They are Being Recorded From a Hidden Pinhole Camera. 1 Year Warranty and Free Tech Support. CLICK IMAGE To See Demo Video.
Bush Baby Hi-Def Dog<br>Spy Camera/DVR w/WiFiPlace This Hi-Def Stuffed WiFi Dog Spy Camera/DVR Where Your Nanny Watches Your Child And You Can See What Happens To Your Child From Your Smart Phone. Your Nanny Will Never Know He/She is Being Watched. It Makes The Perfect Nanny Cam.
SecureShot HD Live View Ihome<br>Cube Clock Radio Spy Camera/DVRSecureShot HD Live View Ihome Cube Clock Radio Spy Camera/DVR for Apple and Android Devices, Allows You View Live Video While Being Recorded on a Hidden SD Card. See's in TOTAL DARKNESS & TOTALLY COVERT.
SecureShot HD Live View Ihome Bluetooth<br>Clock Radio Spy Camera/DVROur SecureShot 1080p HD Ihome Bluetooth Clock Radio Spy Camera Has Great Color Video by Day, and B&W Video at Night EVEN IN TOTAL DARKNESS! Our Invisible IR Illuminators are Hidden Behind the Display. 1 Year Warranty and Free Tech Support. See Demo Video.
Lawmate Car Key<br>Voice RecorderNo One Will Know they are Being Recorded. Our Lawmate Car Key Voice Recorder Can Be In Your Pocket, On Your Table, In Your Vehicle, Or Office. Excellent Sound Quality and Extremely Discreet Key Design & Simple Operation! CLICK Image for Details.
Smartphone USB Cable<br>Wi-Fi Spy Camera/DVRThis Smartphone USB Cable Wi-Fi Spy Camera/DVR Connects To Your Wi-Fi For Live Streaming, Alerts, And Recording. If Wi-Fi Isn't In Your Area This Camera Records To Its External Memory With No Wi-Fi Connection Needed. Click Image For Details.
Covert Desk Clock<br>Hidden Spy Camera w/WiFiAre You Looking For A Covert Clock At An Affordable Cost? This Small Compact Desk Clock Is Perfect For Any Office Or Home And Allows You Livestream Video From Anywhere At Any Time. See And Hear Your Cheating Spouse Or Office Worker Doing Bad Things.
BB WiFi Super<br>Hi-Resolution 4K CamerasGet The Evidence You Need with Our New Inside & Outside Super High Resolution 4K Cameras. Custom Made with Lifetime Warranties with Free Tech Support. Click Image for Details.
Mini Clock WiFi<br>Hidden CameraMini Clock WiFi Hidden Camera... Record or Live Stream Video in the Dark Up to 15 Feet. Wide, 120 Degree Viewing Angle To Catch All the Details. Click Image for Details.
Hi-Def Wifi Night<br>Light Hidden CameraNight Light WiFi Spy Camera/DVR. This Fully Functional Night Light That Allows You To Control The On/off Light Switch Through Your Smartphone App. Get The Evidence On Your Smartphone.

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