Low-Cost SecureGuard ELITE IP Spy Cameras

Our new Elite series of Spy cameras incorporates all modern spy camera technologies in one device. Our Elite Series spy cameras are also very affordable, These spy cameras rival other spy cameras in the $600-$800 price range for a fraction of the cost.

These State-Of-The-Art cameras also have many feature not found on even the newest spy cameras including, 2-Way Talk, Cloud Networking, Covert Access Point, WiFi and Remotely programming.


Features include...

  • Extremely Covert
  • No SD Card slot
  • No WiFi broadcasting ID
  • No Cat5 Jack
  • 1280x720 HD Camera for best image quality
  • 16GB onboard video storage will record video for playback
  • WiFi IP Cameras viewed live & Playback by Local PC or Mobile Devices
  • Cloud Camera viewed live & Playback by Internet PC or Mobile Devices
  • Onboard Access Point for connecting the camera without a WiFi network
  • Very easy to setup for internet viewing and playback for any customer
  • 100% Plug and Play for onboard video recording to any customers
  • Powerful software lets all customers fully manage the camera easily
  • Very affordable price to compete with global competition

PLEASE NOTE: You need a Smart phone (iPhone or Android) to set this camera up on a WiFi Network

These are the most asked questions about our SecureGuard Elite series cameras...

Q: Actually, one more question that arises is whether or not you can confirm to me that the only time it would be using bandwidth is when someone is connected via the app to the camera? In this day of capped Internet bandwidth, I wouldn't want the camera to be streaming data unless it absolutely needs to.

A: Yes. The Only time it would use bandwidth is if you're connected to it watching it live ( or accessing the videos remotely to watch them ). Rest of the time it'll do nothing to your bandwidth.

Q: Regarding app security, thank you for confirming that the camera/DVR is encrypted with password protection. Since this would be set up in my home with my kids, is there any other assurance you can offer that no one else besides those connected with the double-password connection would be able to view the live feed or recorded clips?

A: If it's set up on your WiFi the only way a person could "hack" in to see your video would be extremely difficult. First, they'd have to get into your WiFi by hacking your internet password. If they managed that, then they'd have to hack your Username-Password of the camera. After that they'd have to know your "Cloud ID". To connect to this camera you use what's called a Cloud ID that's unique to each camera.

No run of the mill hackers could do that. Nor would they want to. Any hacker that skilled is only going to hack bank accounts and such.

Q: Does the app allow for Notifications to be sent when motion is detected?

A: Email alerts upon motion is a feature that at the moment isn't supported, but the makers of the DVR insist that they're working on adding it. We can't say when ( or if ) they will. Just been told they're going to add that feature soon.

Q: What is the maximum size of SD card supported? Does the camera automatically delete oldest footage when the SD card fills up? Can I save video clips to my iOS device camera roll and/or delete clips from the SD card using the NVSIP remote app?

A: 64MB is the maximum card supported and that's about 32 hours of total video. By default the camera auto cycles over the oldest footage. You can back up any video clips you want using the remote app. There's also PC software to that lets you view it.

Q: Does the motion detection only record while motion is active on the screen, or can the camera be set to record, say, x minutes from the moment motion is detected?

A: By default it records on motion, but you can set it to record continuously if you want. I'd strongly suggest using motion recording though. By default the motion detection sensitivity is VERY sensitive, so you won't miss anything.

Q: What is the app used to configure/control the camera from iOS devices called? I'd like to look at it in the App Store before purchasing.

A: It's called "NVSIP" and is at the Apple Aps Store.

Q: Does the video record motion detection *while* allowing live view?

A: Yes, you can always watch it live, but it's only recording the motion activity.

Q: Is the video transmitted to the Internet and/or iOS device encrypted for security?

A: The "DVR" inside that model is one made by company that normally makes CCTV security cameras, so it is very secure. Date is encrypted and there's 2 layers of passwords involved.

Q: Does the add-on audio module record video and audio both while recording motion detection to the SD card and while doing live view?

A: It records audio and you can also hear the audio live

Q: Can video recorded to the SD card be remotely viewed from the iOS app?

A: Yes, the software you use ( NVSIP) is very advanced.

Q: What is the manufacturer of the clock radio, and their website?

A: We make that camera in our warehouse using expert techs.

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