SpyGearCo.com Sitemap

Audio Recorders

DVVoiceHD : HD Video & Voice Recorder w/Wireless Charging
VR4GBPRO : Voice Recorder with Dual Mics and Bluetooth - DISCONTINUED
VRBluetooth : Bluetooth Voice Recorder with Bluetooth Capabilities - DISCONTINUED
MQ300 : MQ300 4GB 25 Day Standby Voice Recorder
KCLMAudio : KC LM Audio Keychain Recorder - DISCONTINUED
VR166 : VR166 Voice Recorder
MiniDV-Voice : MiniDV-Voice Audio Recorder Records Both Audio & Video
VRF4GB : Forus Telephone Voice Recorder 4GB Memory
Voice4GBBlack : Black Telephone Conversation Recording Device 4GB
VRSLT : Long Duration Voice Recorder w/8GB Memory
VoiceRecorderUSB : Voice Recorder USB
VRSLTW : Long Duration Voice Recorder w/8GB Memory & Wireless Mic
VRWB4 : Fitness Tracker Voice Recorder
VRUSBHP : USB Audio Player Recorder
MQ350 : 8GB 25-Day Standby Voice Recorder
VRFitnessBand : Voice Recorder Fitness Band

Board Cameras

BD-127WC : High Resolution Color CMOS Camera with Audio

BODY Worn Cameras

Sun420 : Sunglasses DVR 420
HCBluetooth9000 : Bluetooth with Hidden Camera - DISCONTINUED
GLSun720 : High Definition Sunglasses Spy Camera - DISCONTINUED
BC420A : Wired Button Camera with Audio
BC420 : Button Hidden Camera - DISCONTINUED
GLHQClear : GL HQ High Definition Clear Glasses - DISCONTINUED
SUNLM480 : Glasses Hidden Camera - DISCONTINUED
GL720 : High Definition Spy Glasses - DISCONTINUED
B3000 : One Touch Button Camera
SG/HI : High Res Sunglasses Cam - DISCONTINUED
HT10NCK : Law Enforement Grade Baseball Hat Spy Camera Kit w/DVR - DISCONTINUED
HatCamCSU : Next Generation Hat Camera w/4 GB of Internal Memory - DISCONTINUED
HATCAM-NW : Plain Hat Camera Plain - DISCONTINUED
BTCLP : Bluetooth Clip DVRb Spy Camera
HCBluetooth : HC Bluetooth Covert Camera
HC-Smile : Smiley Spy Camera DVR
HC-MP3 : Hidden Camera MP3 Player - DISCONTINUED
LMBC13LX : Wired HD CMOS Button Camera With Audio - DISCONTINUED
GLClear720 : High Definition Body Worn Glasses - DISCONTINUED
SunSportHD : High Definition Sport Sunglasses Spy Camera/DVR - DISCONTINUED
HCBluetoothHD : High Definition Bluetooth Hidden Camera
PRbodycam : Personal Body Worn Spy Camera
LM300 : Lawmate Full HD Pocket Spy Camera/DVR - DISCONTINUED
HCGL200 : Stylish Clear Lens Glasses Spy Cam/DVR - DISCONTINUED
LMBU20 : Wired HD CMOS Button Camera with Audio - DISCONTINUED
LMBCPendant : Lawmate Pendant Necklace with Hidden Camera
HatCam : Hat Camera w/DVR - DISCONTINUED
GLSunFL : High Definition Sunglasses - DISCONTINUED
HatCamSD : Hidden Camera Hat w/Micro SD Memory - DISCONTINUED
HC-BELT-DVR : Hidden Leather Belt Camera w/Built in DVR - DISCONTINUED
HC-NKTIE-DVR : Necktie Hidden Spy Camera w/Built in DVR
HC-CROSS-DVR : Cross Hidden Spy Camera w/Built in DVR
LMTie : Lawmate Tie Covert Camera - DISCONTINUED
BCDVERECON : Wired Button Camera/DVR Complete System - DISCONTINUED
GLClear720FF : High Definition Full Frame Spy Glasses
CAMSTICKSPORTHD : Action Sports Camstick Camera/DVR
PRBody2Cam : Dual Personal Body/Dash Camera
PFBCPRO : Police Force Tactical Body Camera Pro - DISCONTINUED
PV-400W-BU18 : Micro WiFi Digital Video Recorder w/Button Kit - DISCONTINUED
HCNewsboyHat : Hidden Camera Hat w/Micro SD Memory
BCDVRAI1 : All-In-One Button Camera/DVR System
PV-WT10 : LawMate Smart Wrist Watch Covert Spy Camera/DVR
GLClear1080p : Clear High Definition Spy Glasses/DVR
PV-500W-BU18 : Lawmate Micro WiFi Digital Spy Camera/DVR w/Button Kit
BST1080pGlasses : 1080P Clear Lens Full Frame Spy Glasses
BSTDVR500FHDNV : 1080P Pocket Camera and DVR
DVMWatch2K : Covert Recording 2K Spy Watch/DVR
LMBU18 : Lawmate Wired Button Spy Camera
PFBCPHD : Police Force Tactical Body Camera Pro HD
PV-EG20CL : Lawmate Hi-Def Clear Spy Glasses/DVR
PV-EG20DL : Lawmate Hi-Def Sun Glasses Spy Camera/DVR

Bush Baby Nanny Cams

BB2FarmThermo : Bush Baby Farm Thermometer Spy Camera/DVR - DISCONTINUED
BB2SpeckledWallFreshener : Wall Mount Speckled Air Freshener Hidden Cam/DVR - DISCONTINUED
BB2Outlet : Bush Baby 2 Hidden Wall Outlet Adapter Spy Camera/DVR
BushBaby2PurpleTissueBox : Bush Baby 2 Purple Tissue Box Covert Camera/DVR - DISCONTINUED
BushBaby2SodaBottle : Bush Baby 2 Soda Bottle Spy Camera/DVR - DISCONTINUED
BushBabyModernDeskClock : Bush Baby Modern Desk Clock w/10hr or 30hr Battery - DISCONTINUED
BushBaby2BottledWater : Bush Baby Bottled Water Covert Camera/DVR
BushBaby2WhiteClock : Bush Baby White Clock Spy Camera Clock/DVR
BushBaby2CoffeePot : Bush Baby 2 Coffee Pot Spy Camera/DVR - DISCONTINUED
BB2monkey10 : Bush Baby 2 Monkey iPhone Case Spy Camera/DVR - DISCONTINUED
BB2Smoke10 : Bush Baby 2 Smoke Detector DVR with 10 hr battery
BushBabySmokeDetector30HourSpyCamera : Bush Baby 2 30 Hr Smoke Detector
BB2Clock30 : Bush Baby Clock Hidden Camera/DVR w/30 Hr Battery
BushBabyClockRadioSpyCamera : Bush Baby 2 Clock Radio Spy Camera
BushBabyDigitalPicFrameSpyCamera : Bush Baby 2 Digital Picture Frame Spy Camera is just the item you need if you're looking for a covert nanny cam - DISCONTINUED
BushBaby2AdultContemporaryArtTowerSpyCamera : Bush Baby Adult Contemporary Art Tower Spy Cam/DVR - DISCONTINUED
BushBaby2KCanvasSpyCamera : Bush Baby Kids Canvas Wall Art Spy Cam/DVD - DISCONTINUED
BushBaby2DVDPlayerSpyCamera : Bush Baby HD Samsung DVD Player Spy Camera - DISCONTINUED
BushBaby2WirelessRouterSpyCamera : Bush Baby Wifi Router Spy Camera/DVR - DISCONTINUED
BB2SmokeCone10 : Bush Baby 2 Cone Smoke Detector DVR w/10 Hr. Battery - DISCONTINUED
BB2SmokeDome10 : Dome Smoke Detector DVR with 10 Hr Battery - DISCONTINUED
BB2Phone : Bush Baby 2 Phone Spy Camera - DISCONTINUED
BB2RocketClock : Bush Baby 2 Rocket Clock Nanny Camera - DISCONTINUED
BB2Pod : Working Hi-Res iPod Dock with built in Spy Cam/DVR - DISCONTINUED
BB2ElectricalBox : Bush Baby 2: Electrical Box Spy Cam/DVR
BB2PicFrame30 : Spy Camera Picture Frame w/DVR - DISCONTINUED
BB2OdorEliminator : High Resolution AIR PURIFIER Hidden Camera - DISCONTINUED
BB2Tissue : High Resolution Tissue Box Spy Camera - DISCONTINUED
BB2DVDCover : Bush Baby DVD Cover Spy Camera
BushBaby2CannedAir : Bush Baby 2 Canned Air Spy Camera/DVD - DISCONTINUED
BB2WickerBasket : Bush Baby 2 Wicker Basket Spy Camera/DVD
BushBaby2CoffeeCupTravelMug : Bush Baby 2 Coffee Cup Travel Mug Spy Camera/DVD - DISCONTINUED
BB3DVDPlayer : Bush Baby3 Samsung Spy Camera/DVD Player - DISCONTINUED
BB2StakeTimer : Outdoor Electrical Outlet Spy Cam DVR w/Timer - DISCONTINUED
BB2DeluxePictureFrame : Bush Baby 2 Deluxe Picture Frame Spy Camera/DVD - DISCONTINUED
BB3Junctionbox : Bush Baby 3 Junction Box Outdoor Surveillance Camera
BushBaby3FAN : Bush Baby 3 Fan High-Def Spy Cam/DVR
BB3humidifier : Bush Baby 3 Humidifier Spy Camera/DVR - DISCONTINUED
BushBaby3WorkingiPodDock : Bush Baby 3 Working iPod Dock Spy Camera/DVR
BB2Gumbox30 : Bush Baby 2 Gum Box 30 Hour Spy Camera/DVR - DISCONTINUED
BB2BluetoothClock : Bush Baby 2 Bluetooth Clock Hidden Camera/DVR
BB3Smoke10 : Bush Baby 3 Smoke Detector 10 Hours
BushBaby2Dog : BUSH BABY 2 DOG
bbtvdvdplayer : BBTV DVD Player With Night Vision - DISCONTINUED
BB3BottleCam : Bush Baby 3 Water Bottle HD Hidden Camera - DISCONTINUED
BB3FreshenerStone : BB3 Table Mounted Air Freshener High-Def Hidden Spy Camera & DVR
BB2StoneWallFreshener : Bush Baby 2 Wall Mount Stone Air Freshener Spy Camera/DVR
BushBaby2Monkey : Bush Baby 2 Monkey iPhone Case Spy Camera/DVR - DISCONTINUED
BB3CoffeePot : Bush Baby 3 Coffee Pot Hidden Camera
BB3TISSUE : Bush Baby 3 Hi-Def Tissue Box Spy Camera/DVR - DISCONTINUED
BB2Dictionary : Dictionary Hidden Spy Camera/DVR
BB2BirdHouse : Bird House Spy Camera/DVR
BB2Smoke : Bush Baby 2 30 Hr Smoke Detector
BB2WiFiRouter : Bush Baby Wifi Router Spy Camera/DVR
BBSDVDCover : Bush Baby Stealth Hi-Def DVD Cover Spy Camera/DVR
BBSOutlet : Bush Baby Stealth Hi-Def Outlet Spy Camera/DVR - FREE 16GB Micro SD Card
BBSRBDictionary : Bush Baby Stealth Hi-Def Dictionary Spy Camera/DVR - FREE 16GB Micro SD Card
BBSAirFreshener : Bush Baby Stealth Hi-Def Air Freshener Spy Camera/DVR - FREE 16GB Micro SD Card
BBSTissue : Bush Baby Stealth Hi-Def Tissue Box Spy Camera/DVR
BushBabyStealthDog : Bush Baby Stealth Hi-Def Dog Spy Camera/DVR

Camera Sticks

CAMSTICK-MA : Camstick Motion Activated
CAMSTICKNV : USB Camstick Spy Camera w/Night Vision
VCDVR1000 : Voice Activated Spy CamStick/DVR - DISCONTINUED
SlimlineMotion : Slimline Motion CamStick - DISCONTINUED
PV-RC300mini : PV-RC300 Mini Third Generation MiniCam
CamstickUSB : Camstick-USB - DISCONTINUED
CamStickUC10SD : USB Webcam Camstick Spy Camera/DVR - DISCONTINUED
CamStick1000MVA : Motion and Voice Activated Camstick - DISCONTINUED
LM300mini : Lawmate Miniture Pocket Spy Camera/DVR - DISCONTINUED
CamStickHD : High Definition Camstick - DISCONTINUED
CamStickq20 : Motion-Activated Camstick w/Nightvision & Xtra Bat. Life
DVRTS : Camstick SD w/Audio Activation
CamStickU7HD : Motion Activated High Definition Camstick
PV-RC300WiFi : Advanced Mini WiFi Video/Still Photo CamStick Spy Camera/DVR - DISCONTINUED
Camstick1080p : 1080p Camstick Spy Camera-DVR w/Rotating Camera Lens
PV-RC300FHD : Lawmate Stick Camera 1080 Spy Camera/DVR

Cell Phone Messenger Spy Cameras

MMSCLK : Wall Clock Cell Phone Messenger (MMS) Spy Camera
MMSEbox : Outdoor Electrical Box Cell Phone Messenger (MMS) Spy Camera - DISCONTINUED
MMSBAS : Burglar Alarm Speaker Cell Phone Messenger (MMS) Spy Camera
MMSFSL : Fire Strobe Light Cell Phone Messanger (MMS) Spy Camera - DISCONTINUED

Complete Systems

4CHWiredSystemWithMonitor : Digital Video Surveillance - 4 Channel Wired Recording System - DISCONTINUED
4CHWiredSystemWithoutMonitor : Digital Video Surveillance - 4 Channel Wired Recording System W/O Monitor - DISCONTINUED
CS-4-GC-M : 4 Ch Wireless 500 GB Digital Video Recording Complete System - DISCONTINUED
CS-4-GC : 4 Ch Wireless 500 GB Digital Video Recording Complete System W/O Monitor - DISCONTINUED
8CHWiredSystemWithMonitor : 8 Channel Wired DVR Complete System - DISCONTINUED
8CHWiredSystemWithoutMonitor : 8 Channel Wired DVR Complete System W/O Monitor - DISCONTINUED
8CHWirelessSystemWithMonitor : 8 Channel Wireless System - DISCONTINUED
8CHWirelessSystemWithoutMonitor : 8 Channel Wireless System W/O Monitor - DISCONTINUED
16CHWiredSystemWithMonitor : 16 Channel Hardwired System - DISCONTINUED
16CHWiredSystemWithoutMonitor : 16 Channel Hardwired System W/O Monitor - DISCONTINUED
16CHWirelessSystemWithMonitor : Digital Video Recorder - 16 Channel Wireless DVR Complete System - DISCONTINUED
16CHWirelessSystemWithoutMonitor : Digital Video Recorder - 16 Channel Wireless DVR Complete System - DISCONTINUED
CS-USB4CH : 4 Channel Wired USB DVR Complete System - DISCONTINUED
CS-USB4CH-GC : 4 Channel Wireless USB DVR Complete System - DISCONTINUED
PSS-8CH : 8 Channel Portable Digital Video Recording System - DISCONTINUED
HD4CHSYSTEM : IntelliSpy 4 Channel HD DVR System (Choose Cams/Cables)
HD8CHSYSTEM : IntelliSpy 8 Channel HD DVR System (Choose Cams/Cables)
HD16CHSYSTEM : IntelliSpy 16 Channel HD DVR System (Choose Cams/Cables)
HD4CHCOMPLETESYSTEM : High Definition 4 Channel Surveillance System
HD8CHCOMPLETESYSTEM : High Definition 8 Channel Surveillance System
HD16CHCOMPLETESYSTEM : High Definition 16 Channel Surveillance System
CS-HD360-DVR : IntelliSpy 360 Degree Wireless HD Camera System - DISCONTINUED

Counter Surveillance

CellScrambleru1000 : CellScrambler U1000 Voice Keeper - DISCONTINUED
CDcelldetector : Cell Phone Detector - DISCONTINUED
CDRFLD : Economy Bug Detector with RF and Lens Finder
CD550Pro : Professional Bug Detector with Voice Verification - DISCONTINUED
CD-Hunter : CD Hunter Camera Detector - DISCONTINUED
CD-PRO : CD-Pro is Our Most Powerful Professional Bug Detector - DISCONTINUED
LF/RF : LensFinder/RF Dual Mode Detector - SpyGearCo.com - DISCONTINUED
AVD-110D : Digital High End Frequency Counter Bug Detector
AVD-101 : Bug Detector with Strength Meter
CDLM10 : Lawmate Wireless and Wired Camera and RF Detector - DISCONTINUED
CPBugBlock : Cellphone Bug Blocker - DISCONTINUED
CDB200 : Compact Wireless Cellphone Bug Detector
CDCellDetectorPro : Professional Wide Area Cellphone Detector
AJ-40 : Next Generation High Tech Audio Jammer
BSTCellDetector : Cellular Signal Detector
CDLRC : Hidden Camera Detector w/Directional Finder
RD-10 : Lawmate RD10 Hidden Camera Bug Detector

Covert Spy Cameras

HCClock4GB : Wall Clock Hidden Camera 4GB - DISCONTINUED
HCMOUSE : Computer Mouse Hidden Camera 720p HD
DigitalPhotoFrame : 8 Inch Digital Picture Frame with Hidden Camera - DISCONTINUED
HCMotionSensorSD : Alarm Sensor Covert Camera - DISCONTINUED
HCLMCell900 : Lawmate Cellphone Hidden Camera w/HD Recording - DISCONTINUED
VASOCKET : Covert Travel Wallplate Spy Camera & DVR - DISCONTINUED
HCHookHD : Hidden Camera Hook DVR with Remote - DISCONTINUED
HCUSBAdapter : Hidden Camera USB Adapter
HCPainting : Landscape Wall Art Spy Camera/DVR - DISCONTINUED
HCTravelAdapter : HC Travel Adapter Hidden Camera AC Adapter - DISCONTINUED
HCPowerPlus : HCPower Plus Covert AC Adapter Camera - DISCONTINUED
HCicharge : Covert iPhone iPod iPad Charger Spy Cam/DVR - DISCONTINUED
HCTVREMOTEWhite16GB : Hidden Spy Camera/DVR TV Remote White 16GB - DISCONTINUED
HCdigitalthermo : HC Digital Thermometer Hidden Camera/DVR
HCHook : Hidden Camera Hook DVR - DISCONTINUED
HCSnakeSatchel : Hidden Camera Snake Skin Satchel Handbag
HCLMPhonecase : Lawmate Hi-Def Cellphone Hidden Camera Case - DISCONTINUED
HCPowerBankPro : USB Power Pro Bank Hidden Camera - DISCONTINUED
HCPowerplusHD : High Definition Lawmate Covert Power Plug Camera - DISCONTINUED
HCOutlet : Lawmate Hidden Camera Outlet - DISCONTINUED
HCandroiddock : Android Phone Charger Spy Cam/DVR
LMWallSwitch : HI-DEF Lawmate Covert Wall Switch w/PIR - DISCONTINUED
HCSnakeSatchel-MG : Hidden Camera Snake Skin Satchel Handbag
LMMouse : Computer Mouse Hidden Camera 720p HD - DISCONTINUED
HCLMCoffeelid : Lawmate Coffee Cup Lid Hidden Camera - DISCONTINUED
HC-HOOK2-DVR : Round Coat Hook Hidden Spy Camera w/Built in DVR
HC-KEYCM-DVR : HD Car Key Hidden Spy Camera w/Built in DVR
HC-LIGTR2-DVR : Electric Lighter Hidden Spy Camera w/Built in DVR
HC-LIGTR-DVR : Hidden Lighter Camera w/Built in DVR
HC-MUGCM-DVR : Coffee Mug Hidden Camera w/Built in DVR - DISCONTINUED
OmniAC1080P : Omni High-Def Hidden Camera AC Power Plug
HCPowerBank720 : Power Bank Portable Battery Pack Charger Spy Camera/DVR
OmniBottle : Onmi Eye Hi-Def Water Bottle Spy Camera/DVR
OmniCoffeeLid : OmniEye Coffee Cup Lid Spy Camera/DVR
OmniLamp : Lamp Hidden Camera For Only $329.00
OmniEyePlant : OmniEye Hi-Def 1080p Plant Spy Camera-DVR w/Optional AC Power
OmniOutlet : OmniEye Hi-Def Wall Outlet Spy Camera/DVR
AES-SC8 : 1080p Full HD Resolution Pinhole Spy Camera w/Motion Detection
OmniXSmoke : OmniX Hi-Def 1080p Smoke Detector Hidden Camera/DVR - Free 16GB MicroSD Card!
OmniXAirFreshener : OmniX Hi-Def 1080p Air Freshener Spy Camera/DVR - Free 16GB MicroSD Card!
OmniSBottle : Omni Soda Bottle Hi-Def Spy Camera/DVR w/FREE 16GB Micro SD Card
HCNV1080PCLOCK : Desk Clock Spy Camera/DVR w/Night Vision
PV-RC10FHD : LawMate TV Remote Spy Camera/DVR
PV-SK10FHD : Lawmate Hi-Def Outlet Spy Camera/DVR
OmniWallOutlet : Omni Wall Outlet High-Def Spy Camera/DVR
PV-TM10FHD : Lawmate Desktop Clock Weather Station Spy Camera/DVR

Dome/Ceiling Cameras

DC-540WC-DN : Vandal-Resistant IR Day/Night High Resolution Color Dome Camera - 540 TV Lines
SP-CAM : Color Imitation Sprinkler Head Hidden Camera
PTZ-DOMEHS : High Speed Dome Camera
DC-1214WC-DN : Day/Night Infrared Dome Camera
DC-HD45-DN : HD Weather Proof Dome Camera w/45 Feet Night Vision

Door Cameras

HCOfficePlate : HC Office Plate - DISCONTINUED
DoorSpy : Door Spy Security System - DISCONTINUED
HCDoorBell : Hidden Camera Doorbell - DISCONTINUED
KPC-VBN190NHDV : Door Peep Hole Camera (High Res Color) - DISCONTINUED

Dummy Cameras

DC1100SSP : 5 inch IR Dummy Camera
HDDCL9 : 9 Inch Outdoor Heavy Duty Dummy Camera - DISCONTINUED
FSB : Fake Security Beam - Imitation Infrared Detector
SWMADC : Streetwise Dummy Camera w/Motion Detector
DCSD4 : 4 Inch Speed Dome Dummy Camera in Outdoor Housing with LED Light
DM-PROL : Professional Dummy Camera
DM-DOML : Dome Dummy Camera with Flashing LED
DMSolar : Solar Powered Dummy Camera
SWDC7MSSP : Streetwise 7 Inch IR Dummy Camera

GPS Tracking Devices

HatiGPS : GL300 WorldTracker GPS - DISCONTINUED
FENRISGPS : WorldTracker Enduro Pro - DISCONTINUED
GPS-MINI : Mini GPS Tracking Device - DISCONTINUED
jackalgps : Jackal Motorcycle GPS Tracking System - DISCONTINUED
BardaTracker : Barda Live Micro GPS Vehicle Tracker - DISCONTINUED
MANITOBAGPS : Manitoba: Tiny Real Time GPS Tracker - DISCONTINUED
IberianGPS : Iberian Live Tracker w/One-way emergency listening and two-way voice options - DISCONTINUED
ConanGPS : Conan - No Fee GPS - DISCONTINUED
OmniTrack : Omnitrack: Complete GPS Tracking Solution
Assettrack : GPS Asset Tracker with 3 Year Battery Life - DISCONTINUED
CarTrack : Car Track GPS Tracking Solution w/1 Year Service Included - DISCONTINUED
46battcombo : 4 - 6 Month GPS Extended Battery and Case Combo - DISCONTINUED
WTEPRO : World Tracker GPS Enduro Pro - DISCONTINUED
SILVERCLOUDTAG : Silver Cloud Tag Live Personal GPS Tracker
RGS30 : Mini RGS30 Real Time GPS Locator No Fee/72 Hrs
Trackimo : Trackimo Micro GPS Tracker - DISCONTINUED
FB2GPS : LandAirSea Flashback Historical GPS Logger
SilverCloudRealTime : Silver Cloud Real Time GPS Tracker
CAT-200X : Ankle Tracker Tracking Device
LAS54 : SilverCloud Mini 54 Real-Time GPS Tracker

Hidden Cameras All-In-1 Camera/DVR

HCBlock : Hidden Camera Child's Block Toy - DISCONTINUED
HCPower : Hidden Camera Power Plug
MirrorHiddenCameraDVR : Mirror Hidden Camera with Built-in DVR
HCCordCam : Hidden Camera Cord Cam
HC-DNVSM-DVR : Smoke Detector DVR Hidden Camera - DISCONTINUED
HCPanel : Hidden Camera Panel DVR - DISCONTINUED
HC-SPLLG : Large Spot Light Hidden Camera with Built-In DVR - DISCONTINUED
HC-SPLSM-DVR : Small Spot Light Hidden Camera with Built-In DVR - DISCONTINUED
SM/GUA : Hi Resolution Motion Light Spy Cam/DVR - DISCONTINUED
SMOKEDETECTOR4GB : Hi-Res Smoke Detector Spy Camera DVR w/ 4GB & Remote
HC-EXITS-DVR : Exit Sign Hidden Camera w/DVR - DISCONTINUED
HC-BMBOX-DVR : Boom Box Hidden Camera w/DVR - DISCONTINUED
HC-OUTLT-DVR : Electrical Outlet Color Hidden Camera w/DVR
HC-ARPUR-DVR : Air Purifier Color Hidden Camera w/DVR - DISCONTINUED
HC-ARFSH-DVR : Air Freshener Color Hidden Camera w/DVR - DISCONTINUED
HC-WNDTN-DVR : Tower Fan Color Hidden Camera w/DVR - DISCONTINUED
HC-WALLC1-DVR : Wall Clock Hiddden Camera w/DVR - DISCONTINUED
HC-MOTION-DVR : Motion Detector Alarm Color Hidden Camera With Built-In DVR
HC-FLPOT-DVR : Flower Pot Color Hidden Camera w/Built-in DVR - DISCONTINUED
HCPill : Hidden Camera Pill Bottle - DISCONTINUED
DVRPFSC : Photo Frame Smart Cam & DVR w/Remote - DISCONTINUED
HC-MIRBK-DVR : Black Frame Mirror Hidden Camera w/Built-In DVR - DISCONTINUED
HC-ALC32-DVR : Clock Radio Hidden Camera w/Built-in DVR - DISCONTINUED
HC-EMGLT-DVR : Emergency Light Spy Camera/DVR - DISCONTINUED
DVRPIR : PIR Motion Detector Hi-Def Spy Camera/DVR w/Remote - DISCONTINUED
SWBCDVR : Streetwise USB Block Charger Hi-Def Spy Camera/DVR
HC-ALARCW-DVR : Alarm Clock Hiddden Camera w/DVR
OmniThermos : Hi-Def Thermos Spy Camera/DVR - DISCONTINUED
HCMiniCharge : Mini Phone Charger Spy Camera/DVR
BSTHCMultiDock : Multi-phone Compatible Docking Station Spy Camera/DVR

Hidden Cameras for Cars Trucks SUVs RVs

BushBaby2RadarDetector : Bush Baby Radar Detector
CCBlackBox : Black Box Car Camera - DISCONTINUED
CCRetro : 1080p HD Car Dash Cam - DISCONTINUED
BB2rearviewmirror : In Car Spy Camera with Optional Rear Camera - DISCONTINUED
CCDVR960 : High Def Car Dash Camera - DISCONTINUED
SGPowerInverterCarSpyCamera : SecureGuard Power Inverter Car Spy Camera
DualCCPro : Dual Car Cam Pro Car Spy Camera with GPS Logger - DISCONTINUED
CC1280NV : High Def Car Cam w/Night Vision - DISCONTINUED
CC850 : Car Camera Car Camera w/GPS Stand - DISCONTINUED
CCRetroEcon : Economy HD Car Dash Cam 1080p - DISCONTINUED
HC-DASHHD-DVR : Mini 1080HD Dash Camera With Built-In DVR and LCD Screen - DISCONTINUED
OmniInverter : Omni Inverter Car Spy Camera/DVR
REARVIEW-DVR : Rear View Mirror 1080P HD Hidden Camera w/Built In DVR - FREE 32GB Micro SD Card
DASHCAM-DVR : 1080P HD Dash Spy Camera w/Built In DVR & 170 Degree Lens
PV-PH10 : Lawmate Car Mount Holder Spy Camera/DVR
PV-CG10 : Lawmate Car Charger Spy Camera/DVR

IP Cameras

BBIPSpeaker : Bush Baby IP Speakers - DISCONTINUED
BBIPExit : Bush Baby IP Exit Sign Spy Camera - DISCONTINUED
BBIPAirFreshner : Bush Baby IP Air Freshner Spy Camera
BBIPFern : Bush Baby IP: Fern Camera - DISCONTINUED
IP Camera Pro : Professional Quality IP Camera
HS203IPx4 : HS203IPx4 Wireless Camera System - DISCONTINUED
HS203IP : Mini Wireless IP Camera
IP-225W : Indoor Wired IP Camera
BBWLBlackbox : Bush Baby Blackbox Wireless IP Camera System - DISCONTINUED
BBIP2DockingStation5 : Bush Baby IP 2 iPod Docking Station - DISCONTINUED
HCACWiFi : Full HD Wifi AC Adapter Camera
HCwificlock : WiFi Wall Clock w/PIR & SD Card Storage - DISCONTINUED
IPMotionHD : Motion Sensor w/Hidden 720p Wifi IP Camera
IPSmoke : Smoke Detector w/Hidden 720p Wifi IP Camera - DISCONTINUED
BBIP2JunctionBox : Bush Baby IP 2 Outdoor Junction Box w/NIght Vision - DISCONTINUED
RCAWIP249 : RCA Clock Radio Wireless IP Spy Camera
IPCameraCloud : Professional IP Camera w/Easy Remote View
HCWifiBulb : High Definition Night Vision Bulb Camera w/WiFi
HC-OLPIC-DVR : Oil Painting Picture Frame WiFi Hidden Camera w/Built in DVR
HC-ALRMC-DVR : Alarm Clock w/Built In DVR and WiFi - DISCONTINUED
BBWiFiOutlet : Bush Baby Wifi Outlet
MCCWIFIWEATHER : Wireless 1080p Hi-Def Weather Station w/WiFi
BBWIFIFan : Bush Baby WiFi Fan
BBWIFIBLACKBOX : Bush Baby WiFi Black Box
WIFIWALLCLOCK : High-Def Wifi Classic Wall Clock
RDWIFICLOCK : Round Wifi Hi-Def Mini Clock
SQWIFICLOCK : Square Wifi Hi-Def Mini Clock
SWIPC : Streetwise HI-DEF IP Wireless Camera w/Pan & Tilt
BBWiFiFern : Fern Plant Hidden Camera w/WiFi
BBWiFiBluetoothClock : Bush Baby WiFi Bluetooth Clock Spy Camera/DVR
BBWiFiCoffeePot : Bush Baby WiFi Coffee Pot Spy Camera/DVR
BBWiFiRouter : Bush Baby High-Def WiFi Router
LMWiFiCase : LawMate iPhone 6 Hi-Def Covert Video Case w/WiFi
LMWiFiDockStation : Hi-Def Android/iPhone WiFi Dock Station Spy Cam/DVR - DISCONTINUED
LMWIFIPower : Lawmate WiFi Power Adapter Spy Camera/DVR - DISCONTINUED
HCWiFiHook : Cloths Hook Wifi Spy Camera/DVR
WIFIAC1080P : WiFi ACDC 1080p Hi-Def Spy Cam/DVR
BBWiFiBluRayPlayer : Bush Baby WiFi Blu-Ray Player Hidden Spy Camera/DVR
OmniAC1080WiFi : Omni AC Charger 1080p WiFi Spy Camera/DVR
SWCCIPC : Streetwise Cube Clock WiFi IP Camera
LMWifiClockNV : Lawmate HD WiFi Camera Clock w/Night Vision - DISCONTINUED
HCWifiDock : Smartphone Dock Station w/Wifi Camera
BSTWiFiCase : iPhone 6/6s Wifi Spy Camera iPhone Case
WIFI1080pBox : Wifi Black Box Spy Camera/DVR w/Rotating Lens
BBWifiLamp : Bush Baby WiFi Lamp Spy Camera/DVR
BBWifiSolarLED : Bush Baby Outdoor WiFi Solar LED Spy Camera/DVR w/Free Micro 16GB SD CARD
WIFIDIY1080 : Do-It-Yourself WiFi 1080P Camera Kit - Free 16GB MicroSD Card!
BBWiFiClock : Bush Baby WiFi 1080p High-Def WiFi Clock - DISCONTINUED
HCWIFICLOCKRWS : WiFi Clock Weather Station Spy Camera/DVR w/Rotatable Lens
PV-IP7i : Lawmate Iphone 7/6 Case Spy Camera/DVR
PV-UC10I : Lawmate Hi-Def WiFi Wall Adapter Spy Camera/DVR
PV-PB20I : LawMate WiFi Power Bank Spy Camera/DVR
BBWIFIWALLOUTLET : Bush Baby High-Def WiFi Wall Outlet Spy Camera/DVR w/Free 16GB Micro SD Card
HCAIWIFICLOCK : High-Def WiFi Desk Clock Spy Camera/DVR w/Free 8GB Micro SD Card
PV-DY10i : Lawmate Do It Yourself WiFi Spy Camera/DVR
BBWiFiReceptacle : Bush Baby WiFi Wall Outlet Receptacle Spy Camera/DVR - Free 16GB MicroSD Card!

Key Chain Cameras/DVR

KC720SD : Hi Def Keychain Spy Camera/DVR - DISCONTINUED
KCSlim : Slim Keychain DVR - DISCONTINUED
KCS820 : HD Key Chain DVR with Key - DISCONTINUED
Minicam720 : Mini Cam 720 HD Key Chain DVR - DISCONTINUED
KC1080NV : HD Key Chain DVR with Night Vision - DISCONTINUED
LMKC200H : Lawmate 1080p Keychain Spy Camera/DVR - DISCONTINUED
KCLM200WiFi : LawMate Key Chain 1080p Covert Video Recorder w/WiFi - DISCONTINUED
PV-RC200HD2 : LawMate Hi-Def Key Chain Spy Camera/DVR
BSTKC720Wifi : Wifi Keychain Hi-Def 720P Spy Camera/DVR
KCMulti : Keychain Multi Hidden Spy Camera/DVR
PV-RC200HDW : LawMate WiFi Key Chain High-Def Spy Camera/DVR
PV-RC200HD2KR : LawMate Hi-Def Key Chain KR Spy Camera/DVR

Listening Devices

E2000 : E2000 Spy Hearing Amplifier
MTR : Mini Telephone Recorder - DISCONTINUED
ALPMII : Acoustic Leakage Probe Contact Mic II
LD-ALPPRO : ProExtreme-Acoustic Leakage Probe-Contact Mic

Low-Light Cameras

HC-FLCAM-DVR : Flashlight Camcorder w/IR Night Vision
CL32NV : Nitespy Night Vision - DISCONTINUED
Nitespy 520 : Nitespy 520 Dual Band AM/FM Clock Radio with DVR - DISCONTINUED
LMSnakecam : Lawmate Covert Mini Snake Camera - DISCONTINUED
HCBulb720 : Nightvision Lightbulb Spy Camera/DVR

Mini Clock Cameras

MiniClockCamXL : Mini Clock Cam XL Covert Nanny Cam - DISCONTINUED
MiniClockCamMirror : Mirror Hidden Clock Spy Camera/DVR - DISCONTINUED
MiniClockCamHD : Mini ClockCam HD Hidden Clock Spy Cam/DVR - DISCONTINUED
MiniClockTravel : Mini Clock Travel: Portable Mini Clock Spy Camera - DISCONTINUED
MiniClockDeluxe : Mini Clock Spy Cam Deluxe - DISCONTINUED
MCPRO : Mini Spy Clock Cam Pro - DISCONTINUED
MCC720p : Mini Clock Travel Portable High Definition Spy Camera/DVR
LMAlarmClock : Lawmate Hidden Camera Alarm Clock/DVR - DISCONTINUED
LMAlarmClock1080NV : Lawmate HD Hidden Camera Alarm Clock w/Night Vision - DISCONTINUED
HC-IRCLK-DVR : Gray Clock Hidden Camera w/IRs and Built in DVR - DISCONTINUED
MCC1080wifi : Full High-Def 1080p Wifi Mini-Clock Spy Camera
MCC1080NV : Full High-Def 1080p Mini-Clock Spy Camera w/Night Vision
BBWifiAlarmClock : Bush Baby Wifi Alarm Clock Spy Camera/DVR
MiniClockCam : Mini Clock Cam w/DVR

Mini Spy Cams 2.4/5.8G

HCMS : Hidden Camera Mini Spy - DISCONTINUED
HS580Deluxe : HS580Deluxe: Upgrade 5.8Ghz Wireless Camera System - DISCONTINUED
HS580 : HS580: 5.8 GHz Wireless Camera System - DISCONTINUED
HS203USBX4-W7x64 : Mini Wireless Color Spy Cameras w/ PC USB Adapter (Set of 4)- SpyGearCo.com - DISCONTINUED
HS203USB7x64 : Mini 2.4GHz Spy Camera Wireless w/ Built-in USB Rcvr - Win7 64 Bit Compatible Version - DISCONTINUED
HS203CD : Mini 2.4GHz Digital Wireless Camera - DISCONTINUED
HS420D : Wireless Encrypted Digital Camera System
HS530x4 : Wireless Multi View MiniCam


CHECKMATE : CheckMate: Infidelity Test Kit
MDRing : Metal Detector Ring - DISCONTINUED

Mobile/PC Surveillance

CDRPAndroid : Cell Phone Data Recovery Pro for Android - DISCONTINUED
CDRPiPhone : Cell Phone Data Recovery Pro for iPhone - DISCONTINUED
EnigmaRecovery : iPhone/Android Combo Recovery Stick - DISCONTINUED
VRcellphone : Cellphone 4GB Digital Recorder
PhoneSpy : Phone Spy Cell Phone Camera - DISCONTINUED
iRecovery : iRecovery for Apple iPhone - DISCONTINUED
WNDWBRKR : Windows Breaker: Password Cracking Utility - DISCONTINUED
DS-PORNSTICK : Paraben Porn Detection Safety Stick - DISCONTINUED
ANDRECSTK : Android Recovery Stick - DISCONTINUED
LMGSMSafe : Cell Phone Frequency Monitor - DISCONTINUED
SDCardRecoveryPro : SD Card Data Recovery Pro - DISCONTINUED
CDRProForWindowsDownload : SpyGearCo iPhone Data Recovery For Windows Download
CDRProForMacDownload : SpyGearCo iPhone Data Recovery For Mac Download
NoPassword : Windows Password Bypass Software - DISCONTINUED
spyrecoverypro : Spy Recovery Pro - DISCONTINUED
SIMRecovery2 : SIM Data Recovery Data Management Tool - DISCONTINUED
SPRPiPhone : Smart Phone Recovery Pro For iPhone
SPRPAndroid : Android SmartPhone Recovery
Pro for Windows - DISCONTINUED


LCD-19 : LCD 19 Inch Video Monitor

Outdoor Cams/Systems

BC-61-DVR : 55 IR Weatherproof Bullet Camera DVR System - DISCONTINUED
BC-30-DVR : 24 IR Weatherproof Bullet Camera DVR System - DISCONTINUED
HCThermo : Hidden Camera Thermometer DVR - DISCONTINUED
NightwatcherLEDSecurityMotionLight : Nightwatcher LED Security Motion Recording Light w/ WiFi
NightwatcherRoboticSecurityCamera : Nightwatcher Robotic Security Motion Lightning Camera
OmniXElectricalBox : OmniX Electrical Box Hidden Camera/DVR - Free 16GB MicroSD Card!
OmniXNEStake : Outdoor Outlet Stake Hidden Camera Spy Camera/DVR - FREE 16GB SD Card

Phanthom Ray Hidden Cameras w/IR Illuminators

SS-STL-IR : SecureShot Nightvision Standard Size Touch Lamp
SecureShotBatteryPoweredSmokeDetectorWithIR : SecureShot Smoke Detector Covert Camera/DVR w/IRs
FHD-IHL-IR : SecureShot Full High Def 1080P Ipod Dock Clock Radio Spy Camera/DVR w/NightVision
SecureShotHDBluRayPlayer : SecureShot Blu Ray Player w/Nightvision
SS-SIPOD-DU : SecureShot Nightvision Sony Clock Radio/Ipod Dock - DISCONTINUED
FHD-EB-IR : SecureShot 1080p High-Def Electrical Box Hidden Camera/DVR w/NightVision
SS-CCIH-DU : SecureShot Cube Style Ihome Clock Radio - DISCONTINUED
SS-IH-DU-DU : SecureShot IHOME for Ipod Iphone Dually Hidden Camera - DISCONTINUED
SS-CBH-IR : SecureShot NightVision Cedar Bird House Camera/DVR w/1 Yr. Battery
FHD-SPK-IR : Secureshot Outdoor Rock Hidden Camera
SecureShotFirstAlertSmokeDetector : SecureShot First Alert Smoke Detector Camera/DVR w/NightVision & 1 Year Battery
SecureShotDuallyPlugMountAirIonizer : SecureShot Full High Definition 1080P Air Cleaner Camera/DVR
SecureShotBatteryPoweredGladeAirFreshener : SecureShot NightVision Air Freshener w/PIR Motion Activation + 1 Year Battery
FHD-AIR-IR : SecureShot Full High Definition 1080P Personal Air Purifier Camera/DVR w/Night Vision
SecureShotMidlandRadio : Midland Weather Alert AM/FM Clock Radio Phanthom Ray Dually Res Hidden Camera
FHD-HMT-IR : SecureShot Mini Tower Air Purifier with NightVision
SecureShotHighDefinitionTissueBox : SecureShot Full High Definition Tissue Box Spy Camera/DVR

Phone/Computer Spying

Retriever : Retriever: Hidden PC Monitoring Software - DISCONTINUED
GST-007 : Social Tracker
Flyware : Flyware Standard Smart Phone Spyware - DISCONTINUED
EagleEye : Eagle Eye Spy Software - DISCONTINUED
PC-Pandora : PC Pandora - Best Internet Security Software
Hawk : Hawk Mobile Monitor

Portable Recorders

DV1650M : Angel Eye DVR with Button Camera - DISCONTINUED
PocketDVRmini : Miniature Pocket DVR - DISCONTINUED
DVRG200 : World's Smallest HD Spy DVR w/TFT Screen - DISCONTINUED
LMDVR1000 : Lawmate Touch Screen Portable DVR - DISCONTINUED
PocketDVRLite3 : Lawmate Pocket DVR LITE 3 w/Touchscreen - DISCONTINUED
lmminidvr720p : Lawmate Miniature DVR w/720p HD Camera - DISCONTINUED
PocketDVRLITETouch : Lawmate Pocket DVR LITE Touch Screen - DISCONTINUED
PV-50 : LawMate Covert Matchbox Sized DVR
HC-FLASH-DVR : Flashlight Hidden Camera w/Built in DVR
BSTTOUCHDVR : Beyond Science Pocket DVR w/Spy Camera - Law Enforcement Grade Pocket DVR
PV-500EVO2U-BUNDLE : PV-500 EVO2u Professional Pocket DVR & Pinhole Spy Camera Bundle
PV-BC10 : Lawmate Ultra Slim 720p Black Box Hidden Spy Camera/DVR

Professional Cameras

PC-220WC-DN : 220X Day-Night Zoom Camera
DayNightColorCamera-ST : High Resolution Day-Night Color Camera
BC-61W : High Resolution Day-Night Color Camera - 540 TV Lines
BC-650WC-DN : High Resolution 650 TLV Day/Night Color Camera w/Wide Angle Lens
BC-HD135-DN : HD Weather Proof Bullet Camera
DC-HD60-DN : IntelliSpy Dome Camera w/NightVision

Secure Shot HD Live View IP/SD Cams

SecureShotHDLiveViewIH : Secure Shot HD Live View IHome Spy Camera/DVR
SecureShotHDLiveViewAP : Secure Shot HD Live View Mini Tower Air Purifier Spy Camera/DVR
SecureShotHDLiveViewBB : Secure Shot HD Live View Boom Box Spy Camera/DVR
SecureShotHDLiveViewSmokeDetector : Secure Shot HD Live View Smoke Detector Spy Camera/DVR
SecureShotHDLiveViewSamsungBluRayPlayer : Secure Shot HD Live View Samsung 3D BluRay Player Hidden Camera/DVR
SecureShotHDLiveViewUtilityBox : Secure Shot HD Live View Utility Box Spy Camera/DVR
SecureShotHDLiveViewExitSign : Secure Shot HD Live View Exit Sign Spy Camera/DVR
SecureShotHDLiveViewAirPurifier : Secure Shot HD Live View Air Purifier Spy Camera/DVR
SecureShotHDLiveViewAirFreshener : Secure Shot HD Live View Air Freshener Spy Camera/DVR
SSHD-FL-C : SecureShot HD-Live View-High Definition LED Motion Flood Light - DISCONTINUED
SSHD-HUM-C : Secure Shot HD Live View Humidifier Spy Camera/DVR
SecureShotHDLiveViewMantleClock : Secure Shot HD Live View Mantle Clock Spy Camera/DVR
SecureShotHDLiveViewLamp : Secure Shot HD Live View Antique Lamp Spy Camera/DVR

SecureGuard 4G Cams

W4GUB : SecureGuard Outdoor Utility Box 4G Spy Camera
W4GMD : SecureGuard Wireless 4G Motion Detector Spy Camera
W4GOR : SecureGuard Outdoor Rock 4G Spy Camera/DVR
W4GWC-PWR-Configuration-AE : SecureGuard Wireless 4G Wall Clock Spy Camera
W4GBH : SecureGuard HD 4G Birdhouse Spy Camera/DVR
W4GWC : SecureGuard Wireless 4G Wall Clock Spy Camera
W4GWB : SecureGuard HD Wireless 4G Wicker Tissue Box Spy Camera/DVR - DISCONTINUED
W4GTLB : SecureGuard HD Wireless 4G Tool Box Spy Camera/DVR
W4GBF : SecureGuard HD Wireless 4G Box Fan Spy Camera/DVR
SWIP-SMK : SecureGuard HD Wireless 4G Smoke Detector Spy Camera/DVR

SecureGuard Cameras

SGBatteryPoweredPowerReceptacleSpyCamera : SecureGuard Battery Powered Power Receptacle Spy Camera - DISCONTINUED
SGBatteryPoweredFireAlarmPullStationSpyCamera : SecureGuard Battery Powered Fire Alarm Pull Station Spy Camera
SGMiniBlackBoxSpyCamera : Secure Guard Mini Black Box Battery Powered Spy Camera
SGLargeiPodDockSpyCamera : SecureGuard Large iPod Dock Spy Camera
SGLinkSysMotionDetectorSpyCamera : Secure Guard LinkSys Wireless Access Point Spy Camera
SGSmalliPodDockSpyCamera : SecureGuard Small iPod Dock Spy Camera
SCR720P : SecureGuard Clock Radio Spy Camera
SGBatteryPoweredSmokeDetectorSpyCamera : SecureGuard Battery Powered First Alert Smoke Detector Spy Camera
SGBatteryPoweredMotionDetectorSpyCamera : SecureGuard Battery Powered Motion Detector Spy Camera
SGBatteryPoweredFireAlarmStrobeLightSpyCamera : SecureGuard Battery Powered Fire Alarm Strobe Light Spy Camera (30 Day Battery) - DISCONTINUED
BPSPK640 : SecureGuard Battery Powered Sprinkler Spy Camera
SGBatteryPoweredSprinklerSpyCamera : SecureGuard Battery Powered Sprinkler Spy Camera
SBSC33 : SecureGuard Spy Box Spy Camera (3 month Battery)
SBSC180 : SecureGuard Spy Box Spy Camera (6 Month Battery)
SGSBAC : SecureGuard Spy Box (AC Power)
DPF720 : SecureGuard HD 720p Digital Photo Frame Spy Camera
SGLRD720 : SecureGuard HD 720p Car Laser Radar Detector Spy Camera
SGFireAlarmStrobeLightSpyCameraBatteryPowered : SecureGuard Fire Alarm Strobe Light Spy Camera (Battery Powered)

SecureGuard IP Cams

SGSmokeDetectorAlarmWirelessIPSpyCamera : SecureGuard Smoke Detector Alarm Wireless IP Spy Camera
WSIP-HAP : SecureGuard Elite Holmes Air Purifier
WiFi Spy Camera

SGFireAlarmStrobeLightWirelessIPSpyCamera : SecureGuard Fire Alarm Strobe Light Wireless IP Spy Camera - DISCONTINUED
SGMotionDetectorWirelessIPSpyCamera : SecureGuard Motion Detector Wireless IP Spy Camera
SGHolmesAirPurifierIPSpyCamera : SecureGuard Holmes Air Purifier Wireless IP Spy Camera
SGERCA : SecureGuard Elite Alarm Clock Radio IP Spy Camera
SGBurglarAlarmSpeakerWirelessIPSpyCamera : SecureGuard Burglar Alarm Speaker Wireless IP Spy Camera
SGEAP720 : SecureGuard Elite Air Purifier Spy Camera - DISCONTINUED
SGESMK : SecureGuard Elite Smoke Detector Spy Camera
SWIP-BF : SecureGuard Box Fan Wireless IP Spy hidden Camera
AES-SWIP-REC2 : SecureGuard Elite 720p HD WiFi AC Power Receptacle Outlet Spy Cam
PFLWIP : SecureGuard Exit Power Failure Light IP Spy Camera/DVR
SGEFAS : SecureGuard Elite Strobe Light IP Spy Camera
SWIP-FPS : SecureGuard Elite Fire Alarm Pull Station IP Spy Camera
SWIP-TB : SecureGuard Elite Wicker Tissue Box WiFi Spy Camera

SecureShot Hidden Cam All-In-1 Camera/DVR

SecureShotBatteryPoweredSmokeDetector : SecureShot Battery Powered Smoke Detector - DISCONTINUED
SS-BRAY-C : SecureShot LG Blu Ray DVD Player - DISCONTINUED
SS/TBOX/C : SecureShot Thermally Motion Activated Battery Operated Ultimate Tissue Box Hidden Camera/DVR - DISCONTINUED
SS/CWC/C : SecureShot Battery Powered "cordless" Wall Clock Hidden Camera
SecureShotBatteryPoweredMailBoxDVR : Battery Powered Mail Box Hidden Camera/DVR
SecureShotBatteryPoweredTeddyBearDVR : Battery Powered Teddy Bear Hidden Camera/DVR - DISCONTINUED
SS-BF-C : SecureShot Bird Feeder Hidden Camera DVR - DISCONTINUED
SecureShotEBoxCam : SecureShot Covert Electrical Box Camera - DISCONTINUED
SecureShotIPODDockingStationClockRadioCovertHiddenCamera-DRV : SecureShot IPOD Docking Station Clock Radio Covert Hidden Camera/DRV - DISCONTINUED
SS-MDPH-C : SecureShot AM-FM Clock Weather Radio Covert Spy Camera/DVR - DISCONTINUED
SS-AT-C : SecureShot Thermally Motion Activated Battery Operated Atomic Wall/Desk Clock DVR
SS-BK-C : SecureShot Book Covert Color Camera/DVR
FHD-CO2-C : SecureShot Full High Definition 1080P CO2 Detector Camera/DVR
FDH-FL-C : SecureShot High Definition LED Motion Flood Light Spy Cam/DVR - DISCONTINUED
FHD-TB-C : SecureShot Full High Definition 1080P Teddy Bear Spy Camera/DVR
FHD-ICC-C : SecureShot 1080P Lighting Dock Ihome Cube Clock Radio Spy Camera/DVR
SecureShotStickAirIonizer : SecureShot Stick Air Ionizer/Cleaner
Spy Camera/DVR

SecureShotExitSign : SecureShot Exit Sign Spy Camera/DVR

Sport/Hobby Cameras

SPORTCAMEX : 1080p HD Extreme Sport Camera w/Resistent Case
CCBullet : 1080p HD Sports Cam or Car Dash Cam - DISCONTINUED
USC : Ultra Sports Cam
HelmCam : Helmut Spy Camera - DISCONTINUED
UW-DVR : UW-DVR Sport Cam
UltraSportsCam : Waterproof Ultra Sports Camera with Night Vision - DISCONTINUED
HC-ACTION-DVR : Sports Action Hidden Camera w/Built-In DVR
HC-GOGGLE-DVR : Goggle Hidden Spy Camera w/Built-In DVR

Spy Audio Pens

PrmaMQ77N1GB : Black and Silver Recorder Pen (1 GB) - DISCONTINUED
PRMAMQ72N : 1GB USB Digital Voice Recording Pen in Gold
PRMA128USB : Black Discreet Pen Spy Cam - DISCONTINUED
PrmaMQ72N256 : 256MB USB Digital Voice Recording Pen in Gold - DISCONTINUED
PrmaMQ77N256 : Black and Silver Recorder Pen (256 MB) - DISCONTINUED
PrvaMQ99 : Long Lasting Digital Voice Recording Pen - DISCONTINUED


KVA01 : Kivos Intelligent Video Alarm - DISCONTINUED
MIRRORSPY : Security Mirror Spy Camera - DISCONTINUED
HC-TVRemote : Hidden Spy Camera DVR TV Remote - DISCONTINUED
DVRA8 : USB-DVR Spy Camera with 4 GB Built-In Memory
PocketSpy : PocketSpy: Pocket Paper/Document Scanner - DISCONTINUED
HCGum : Gum Spy Camera - DISCONTINUED
DS-AJ34 : Portable Privacy Audio Jammer
500 : SnakeEYE Camera for Android

Spy Video Pens

DV-1300M-4GB : DV1300M DVR Pen with Motion Activation - DISCONTINUED
DV-1280 : DV-1280 Video Camcorder/Spy Pen - DISCONTINUED
DV1300M8GB : Black Silver 8GB Spy Pen w/Motion Activation - DISCONTINUED
DVBPR6Silver : Digital Video Pen in Silver
DVBPR6 : Digital Video Pen
DV720PHDVideoSpyPen : DV720P HD Video Spy Pen
MQ720pm : Gold 720p Hi-Def Video Pen w/Motion Detection - DISCONTINUED
DV1300SD : Black & Silver Spy Pen w/Motion Activation & 8GB SD - DISCONTINUED
DV1080M : 1080p HD Black and Silver Spy Pen w/16GB Storage - DISCONTINUED

Spy Watches

TTDClassic : Classic Spy Gear Watch With 720p Video - DISCONTINUED
TTD-YELLOW : Motion Activated Water Resistant Watch Spy Cam/DVR - DISCONTINUED
TTDYELLOW8GB : Black and Yellow Spy Watch/DVR - DISCONTINUED
NIGHTWATCHSILVER4GB : Spy Watch DVR with Night Vision
NightWatch : Night Watch Spy Watch
HC-WATCH : Watch Video Camera with Audio and Built-in Micro 4GB DVR - DISCONTINUED
HCAndroidWatch : Android Smart Watch w/Hidden Camera

Video Recorders

SA-DVR-4 : 4 Channel Embedded DVR wo/Smart Phone Playback
SA-DVR-8 : 8 Channel Embedded DVR
SA-DVR-16 : 16 Channel Embedded DVR
DVR-USB : USB DVR Computer Surveillance Connector for Spy Cameras & Hidden Cameras
SA-DVR-4-2012 : 4 channel Embedded DVR - 4 Channel Records up to 4 cameras

Voice Changers

VCEconomy : Voice Changer: Economy Mode - DISCONTINUED
KCVC : Keychain Voice Changer - DISCONTINUED
VC-2000 : CellPhone (Hands Free) Voice Changer - DISCONTINUED
VC300 : Professional Portable Voice Changer

Wi-Fi Hidden Cameras

SGBatteryPoweredAirFreshenerIPSpyCamera : SG Batt. Powered Air Freshener IP Spy Cam
OutdoorEnclosureWirelessIPSpyCamera : SecureGuard Outdoor Enclosure Wireless IP Spy Camera
WallClockWirelessIPSpyCamera : SecureGuard 13" Plastic Wall Clock Wireless IP Spy Camera
SWIP-CMA : SecureGuard Carbon Monoxide Alarm Wireless IP Spy Camera
HC-ALARC-WF : Wi-FI Alarm Clock Radio Covert Camera with 2-Way Talk Back Audio
HC-DNVSM-WF : Wi-FI Smoke Detector Covert Camera with 2-Way Talk Back Audio

Wireless Cameras


Wireless Hidden Cams

VanityMirrorHiddenCamera-ST : Vanity Mirror Hidden Camera - DISCONTINUED
WallClockHiddenCamera-ST : Wall Clock Hidden Camera - DISCONTINUED
ElectricalBoxHiddenCamera-ST : Electrical Box Hidden Camera - DISCONTINUED
ThermostatHiddenCamera-ST : Thermostat Hidden Camera - DISCONTINUED
SmokeDetectorDownViewHiddenCamera-ST : Down View Smoke Detector Hidden Camera - DISCONTINUED
EmergencyLightHiddenCamera-ST : Emergency Light Hidden Spy Camera - DISCONTINUED
MotionDetectorHiddenCamera-ST : Motion Detector Hidden Camera - DISCONTINUED
MirrorHiddenCamera-ST : Mirror Hidden Camera - DISCONTINUED
TowerFanHiddenCamera-ST : Fan Hidden Camera - DISCONTINUED
ExitSignHiddenCamera-ST : Exit Sign Hidden Camera - DISCONTINUED
DeskTopSpeakersHiddenCamera-ST : Desk Top Speakers Hidden Camera - DISCONTINUED
BoomBoxHiddenCamera-ST : Boom Box Hidden Camera - DISCONTINUED
HC-SPRNK-WC : Sprinkler Hidden Camera - DISCONTINUED
AirFreshenerHiddenCamera-ST : Wireless Air Freshener Hidden Camera - DISCONTINUED
AlarmClockHiddenCamera-ST : Alarm Clock Hidden Camera - DISCONTINUED