Audio Recorders

Who uses phone/room recorders?

There are many reasons why conversations may need to be recorded, and using the latest technology will allow users to do so with convenience and speed. With our audio recorders you can record phone or room conversations.

A lot of people use audio recorders including: suspecting spouses, employers, students, sales people, private investigators.

Our digital phone/room recorders eliminate the need for cassette tapes and tape flipping. Digital recordings can be played, replayed and recorded over without a loss in recording quality. Digital phone/room recorders are silent because there are no running tapes. Some recorders have a USB port for connection to your computer.

Whatever your audio recording need is, I'm sure you'll be able to find one of our phone/room recorders helpful.

Fitness Tracker Voice Recorder Fitness Tracker Voice Recorder $169.95
Long Duration Voice Recorder w/8GB Memory & Wireless Mic Long Duration Voice Recorder w/8GB Memory & Wireless Mic $249.95
Voice Recorder USB Voice Recorder USB $99.95
Long Duration Voice Recorder Long Duration Voice Recorder w/8GB Memory $129.95
Black Telephone Conversation Recording Device 4GB Black Telephone Conversation Recording Device 4GB $150.95
Forus Telephone Voice Recorder 4GB Memory Forus Telephone Voice Recorder 4GB Memory $179.95
HD Video & Voice Recorder w/Wireless Charging HD Video & Voice Recorder w/Wireless Charging $195.95
Telephone Voice Recorder w/Dual Mics & Bluetooth Telephone Voice Recorder w/Dual Mics & Bluetooth $189.95
USB Camstick Spy Camera w/Night Vision Bluetooth Voice Recorder w/Bluetooth Capabilities

Set up is simple: Plug this little wonder into a wall jack, pick the recording quality mode that suits the situation, then with one simple button press your conversation is being recorded.
25 Day Standby Voice Recorder 25 Day Standby Voice Recorder

This new Voice Activated USB drive looks and functions like an ordinary flash drive. Yet this storage device conceals hidden microphone.

LM Audio Keychain Recorder LM Audio Keychain Recorder

This plain looking Audio Recorder is guaranteed to never draw attention to itself while it captures everything it hears. This gadget is the best of it's kind on the market today and is great to use for gathering evidence for covert missions.

VoiceRecorderDualMicsBluetooth-mg.htm Voice Recorder with Dual Mics and Bluetooth

The VR4GBPro is a professional grade telephone and cellphone voice recording device. This device even includes dual microphones and noise reduction for crisp and clear audio recording.

VR166 Voice Recorder VR166 Voice Recorder

Plug this little wonder into a wall jack, pick the recording quality mode that suits the situation.

MiniDV-Voice MiniDV-Voice

The MiniDV-Voice unit features not only the ability to hold up to 75 hours of audio recordings but with its attached camera it takes color video and still images, it can even function as a web cam!


136hr Digital Phone/Room Recorder plus MP3 Player
24, 48 & 96hr Digital Phone/Room Recorder
10hr Phone/Room Recorder
Professional-Grade Digital Voice Recorder
USB Stick 40 Hour Voice Recorder
Flash Drive Voice Recorder - VR-4GB
180 Hour Voice Recording Watch is a Portable and user friendly, Patented MP3 watch.
DPR-N308 576 Hour Digital Phone/Room Recorder
DPR-N88 576 Hour Digital Phone/Room Recorder
DDR-5K Pro Linear PCM 2GB Digital Recorde
Diasonic Linear PCM Pro Voice Recorder
Dempa 1GB Stereo Digital Voice Recorder
34 Hour 'No Battery Drain' Telephone Recorder
Diasonic DDR-5100 Pro Series
Diasonic DDR-5100 Pro Series
DIASONIC Multi Functional Digital Pen Recorder
PI-Pen Note Taker with High Speed USB Download
Forus Digital Voice Recorder 256 MB
4GB Flash Drive Voice Recorder
Digital Pen Voice/Memo Recorder - 18 Hour
Digital Pen Voice/Memo Recorder - 36 Hour
VRB-8GB Flash Drive Voice Recorder

EDIC Mini Tiny Digital Voice/Memo Recorder - 37 Hours

New Products
NightVision Electrical<br>Box Hidden CameraSecureShot Clock Radio<br>HD 1080p Spy Cam/DVRIntelliSpy 4 Channel<br>Hi-Def1080p Complete SystemMini WiFi CamStick<br>Spy Camera/DVRMini Charger Spy Camera/DVR
SecureShot Iphone 5<br>Clock Radio/Docking StationSecureShot 1080p HD Personal Air<br>Purifier Cam/DVR w/Night VisionLawMate iPhone 6<br>Hi-Def Case w/WiFiTrackImo Micro GPS<br>Real Time TrackerStreetwise Cube Clock<br>WiFi IP Spy Cam/DVR
SecureShot Live-View<br>BluRay Player1080p Hi-Def<br>Wall Outlet Spy Cam/DVRAndroid Smart Watch<br>w/Hidden Camera1080p Hi-Def WiFi<br>Blu-Ray Player Spy Cam/DVR1080P Clear Lens Full<br>Frame Spy Glasses
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Top Featured Products
SecureShot Iphone 5<br>Clock Radio/Docking StationMotion activated real time video is recorded on a tiny SD card, housed in a hidden compartment. This high quality dual alarm clock radio for iPad, iPhone and iPod. Perfect for All Covert Surveillance Applications!
HD Live View Smoke<br>Detector Spy Camera/DVRDown View or Side View Secure Shot HD Live View Smoke Detector Spy Camera/DVR has Been Professionally Re-Engineered with a Live-View Camera System. Available in Hi-Res Color, or Color/B&W with NightVision Invisible IR Illuminators. 8 Models Available.
SecureShot Live-View<br>BluRay PlayerWatch Your Kids, Business or Your Cheating Spouse from Your Smart Phone While Being Recorded on an SD card. The Secure Shot HD Live View 3D Blu-Ray Player Spy Camera/DVR is Available in Hi-Res Color or NightVision Invisible IR Models.
1080p Hi-Def<br>Wall Outlet Spy Cam/DVROur Full High-Def 1080p WiFi Wall Outlet Has Adjustable Resolution, SD Card Recording & Remote Viewing on Smartphone. Our Most Covert Camera Is Simple to Setup & Allows You to Easily Get the Evidence Anytime/Anywhere!
SecureShot 1080p Hi-Def<br>Smoke Detector Spy Cam/DVRSecureShot 1080p High-Def Smoke Detector Spy Cam/DVR w/NightVision Has a 6/Month Battery & is TOTALLY Covert. Great Color Video by Day, and Great B&W Video at Night, EVEN IN TOTAL DARKNESS. Click on Image for DEMO VIDEO.
IntelliSpy 4 Channel<br>Hi-Def1080p Complete SystemOur IntelliSpy 4 Channel Hi-Def1080p Complete System Offers the Best Viewing & Recording Clarity. Our HD Cameras and DVR Give You Very Clear Images. Crisp Clear Picture of the Movement, Perfect for Viewing License Plates Without the Trailing Image Effect.
1080p Hi-Def WiFi<br>Blu-Ray Player Spy Cam/DVROur Full High-Def 1080p WiFi Bush Baby WiFi Blu-Ray Player Hidden Spy Camera/DVR With Full High Resolution HD Video Capture and Remote Viewing via Smartphone, Allows you to Easily Check in at Any Time with No Complicated Router Configuration.
Onmi Eye Hi-Def<br>Water Bottle Spy CameraOur Full High-Def 1080p Onmi Eye Hi-Def Water Bottle Spy Camera/DVR. Made using Our State-Of-The-Art 3D Printer Technology. No Loose Wires And Wwkwardly Placed Memory or Charging Ports. Click on Image for DEMO VIDEO.
Mini Charger Spy Camera/DVRThe Most Unnoticeable Devices Nowadays Are Chargers. They Are In Abundance Everywhere And No One Suspects a Camera Inside. Our Mini Charger Spy Camera/DVR Has Internal Memory and NO Buttons. Just Plug It in and It Starts Recording!
Streetwise Cube Clock<br>WiFi IP Spy Cam/DVROur New 1080p Spy Night Vision Camera/DVR Is Perfect For Keeping An Eye On Anything! This Sleek Small Clock Blends In Any Home With A Incredibly Discreet And Covert Camera w/Total Nightvision & Wifi. VIEW DEMO VIDEO.
1080P Clear Lens Full<br>Frame Spy GlassesCovert Gadgets Aren't Always Used For Spying. The 1080P Clear Lens Full Frame Glasses Come With 2 Battery Arms That You Can Easily Change Out. Each Arm Is Replaced With The Old So You Never Have To Run Out Of A Battery Life!
SecureShot 1080p High Def<br>iPod Spy Cam DVROur SecureShot Full 1080p High Definition iPod Camera Has Great Color Video by Day, and B&W Video at Night EVEN IN TOTAL DARKNESS! Our Invisible IR Illuminators are Hidden Behind the Display. 1 Year Warranty and Free Tech Support. See Demo Video.

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