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World's first COMPLETE Security Alarm System w/ NO MONTHLY FEES World's first COMPLETE Security Alarm System w/ NO MONTHLY FEES $199.95 Buy Now

Wireless Stuffed Animal Nanny Cam
Wireless Loss Prevention System w/ Motion Detect & 4 Mini Cams
World's Smallest 5.8GHz Mini Wireless Spy Camera
World's SMALLEST Wireless 9V Spy Cam
Wireless Egg-Cam Color Spy Camera
Wireless Pinhole High-Resolution Color CCD Spy Camera and Receiver/DVR Combo
4 Wireless Color Spy Cams & USB Quad Receiver w/Remote View
4 Wireless Color Mini Cameras w/ Portable LCD DVR
Pan & Tilt Wireless Baby Camera/Monitor Set
4 Wireless Weatherproof Low-Light Cameras w/ 250GB DVR
Mini 2.4GHz UPGRADED Wireless Color Spy Camera
Mini 2.4GHz Wireless Color Spy Camera
Mini 2.4GHz Wireless Color Spy Camera w/ PC USB Adapter
Mini 2.4GHz Versa Spy Cam USB w/Receiver
2.4Ghz Classic Cube Wood Clock Radio Hidden Camera USB w/Receiver
Mini Wireless Color Spy Camera 2.4GHz (Set of 4)
Mini Wireless Color Spy Cameras w/ PC USB Adapter (Set of 4)
Mini Wireless Low-Light Color Spy Camera
Remote Control Mini Wireless Color Spy Camera 2.4GHz (Set of 4)
Remote Control Small Wireless Color Spy Camera 2.4GHz (Set of 4)
Small Wireless Color Spy Camera 2.4GHz (Set of 4)
Small Wireless Color Spy Camera 2.4GHz w/Audio
Wall-Mount Low-Light Wireless Color Spy Camera
Weatherproof Low-Light Cameras (Set of 4)
Mini 2.4 Wireless Color Pinhole Camera Transmitter-Receiver Set w/Built in Battery Charger
Wireless 2.4GHz CCD Low-Light Camera Set
Wireless Button Hidden Color Spy Camera
Wireless Calculator Hidden Color Spy Camera
Wireless Cellular Phone Hidden Color Spy Camera
Wireless Color Nanny Camera 2.4GHz (Set of 4)
Wireless Color Nanny Camera System
Wireless Color Nanny Camera w/ LCD Receiver
Wireless Pen Holder Hidden Color Spy Camera
Wireless Screw Hidden Color Spy Camera
Wireless Smoke Detector Hidden Color Spy Camera

New Products
DV-1280 Video<br>Camcorder/Spy PenSecureShot Battery<br>Powered Smoke DetectorSecureShot Iphone 5<br>Clock Radio/Docking StationSecureShot Air Purifier<br>Spy Cam/DVR w/NightVision
Secure IP Digital<br>Wireless Clock RadioNightVision Electrical<br>Box Hidden CameraWall Outlet Adapter<br>Spy Camera/DVRHigh Def Night Vision<br>Bulb Camera w/Wifi
Mini 2.4GHz Digital Wireless<br>Color Camera w/AudioWorld's Smallest HD Spy Cam/DVRHD Live View Smoke<br>Detector Spy Camera/DVRSecureGuard Elite Alarm<br>Clock Radio IP Spy Camera
Conan GPS Tracker<br>No Fee GPSMini GPS<br>Tracking DeviceCovert Mini<br>Snake Camera
Top Featured Products
SecureShot Battery<br>Powered Smoke DetectorSecureShot Body Heat Motion Activated, Battery Powered Imitation Smoke Detector. 1 Year Standby Power w/20 Hours of Recording per Charge. Available in Low Light B&W or Hi-Res Color. Perfect for Catching that Overheated Spouse Cheater!
World's Smallest HD Spy Cam/DVRThe DVRG200 is the World's Smallest High Definition Spy Cam/DVR with a Color TFT Screen. Measuring just under 2" x 2" and a Little over Half an Inch Thick, this Device can Easily be Concealed inside Almost Anything or Hidden Anywhere!
Mini Clock Cam HD<br>Spy Cam/DVRHigh Resolution Video. Records both Audio and 1920 x 1080 Color Video. This unit also has HDMi output with onscreen menu settings, giving you an easy way to configure your device. Choodr motion detection, audio only, and continuous recording settings.
Mini GPS<br>Tracking DeviceThe MINI GPS TRACKER works based on an existing GSM /GPRS network and GPS satellites, this tracker is a small and powerful tracking device that is developed for personal positioning, pet monitoring, vehicle, security etc.
SecureShot Iphone 5<br>Clock Radio/Docking StationMotion activated real time video is recorded on a tiny SD card, housed in a hidden compartment. This high quality dual alarm clock radio for iPad, iPhone and iPod. Perfect for All Covert Surveillance Applications!
Wall Outlet Adapter<br>Spy Camera/DVRThis Wall Adapter is Perfect for Just about any Location. Its Built in Camera on the Side of the Case is Positioned so It Can Be Hidden Almost Imperceptably in Any Room Which Makes it Perfect for a Nanny Cam or Extra Home Security.
HD Live View Smoke<br>Detector Spy Camera/DVRDown View or Side View Secure Shot HD Live View Smoke Detector Spy Camera/DVR has Been Professionally Re-Engineered with a Live-View Camera System. Available in Hi-Res Color, or Color/B&W with NightVision Invisible IR Illuminators. 8 Models Available.
Covert Mini<br>Snake CameraOur new Lawmate Covert Mini Snake Camera is GREAT for Getting in to Those Tight Spaces and Recording Excellent Video! Use it in a Vent or Any Area that you Need a Discreet and VERY Small Covert Camera!
Outdoor Junction Box<br>Spy Cam/DVRThis Outdoor Junction Box is perfectly outside any home or biz and can keep an eye on the area day and night with included IRs. Monitor your home or business live 24/7 with remote viewing from any PC or mobile via an IP address. Up to 1280 x 720p HD res.
SecureShot Air Purifier<br>Spy Cam/DVR w/NightVisionSecureShot Air Purifier Spy Cam/DVR w/NightVision is a TOTALLY Portable Covert Plug-In Air Purifier. Great Color Video by Day, and Great B&W Video at Night EVEN IN TOTAL DARKNESS, With Invisible "NO Glow " IR Illuminators. Click on Image for Demo Video.
High Def Night Vision<br>Bulb Camera w/WifiThe Night Vision Bulb Camera w/Wifi is a Perfect Combination of Nondescript Light Bulb and Hi-Def Wireless IP cam. It has Nightvision, Records to SD Card & Views on Smart Phone!
SecureGuard Elite Alarm<br>Clock Radio IP Spy Camera SecureGuard Elite Alarm Clock Radio Spy Camera also has many feature not found on even the newest spy cameras including, 2-Way Talk, Cloud Networking, Covert Access Point, WiFi and Remotely programming.

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